Elite Fiction Kickstarter

Dec 12, 2013

Fantastic books has been working with 18 authors over the past few months, all of them sanctioned by Frontier Developments to write Official Elite Fiction.

My own full length book ‘Elite Reclamation’ is one of these.

Collectively we are pursuing Kickstarter funding in order to take our books from simple ebooks and allow the production of audio books, paperback books, hardback books and boxed set editions including special edition boxed set versions, to be launched alongside the Elite:Dangerous game itself.

The books are all based in the Elite universe, a universe created by Frontier Developments within which their new game Elite:Dangerous is set. We’ve got until January the 1st 2014 to make this happen.

If you’re an Elite fan, love sci-fi, love audiobooks and special editions, this is the Kickstarter for you. Come and join us.

Official Elite fiction release in audio and print format -- Kicktraq Mini

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