Elite Dangerous Premonition Launches!

Jul 5, 2017

Premonition is available now.

It’s eleven months to the day since I embarked on writing my second novel in the remarkable universe of Elite Dangerous. In truth, the preparation for it started quite some time before that in terms of pitches, discussions, outlines, plans and so on. The actual writing commenced in August 2016 and continued at pace until early May this year.

But now, Premonition, the sequel to Reclamation (which was launched 3 years ago!) is out. A journey complete – and what a journey that has been!

Frontier commissioned me to write the current story of Elite Dangerous and it was aimed to tell the behind the scenes story of the game, a glimpse behind PowerPlay, the factions and the politics and embracing the events that players took part in, and often, changed the course of. Here then is what was happening in-game in 3302 to 3303…

This book involved a huge amount of collaboration with players and Frontier staff to whom I’m very much indebted for their support and assistance. The ‘thanks to’ page in the book is not insignificant!

Within hours of it first appearing on the Frontier store I was amazed to find that folks had finished it. It’s not a short book at 155,000 words (Tolkien’s Return of the King is only 135,000!). Initial feedback has been hugely positive. You can get a taste of that here, and there’s a first in depth review on Goodreads already.

It’s been a mammoth project and I’ve had a great time putting altogether, though it’s not been without a modicum of controversy. This was something quite new and ambitious. My huge thanks to all involved, and to the wider community at large for their support. With your help I was able to write on, Commanders!



What formats is the ebook available in?

It’s available in .epub (generic ebook readers) .mobi (good for Kindles) and .pdf (good for pretty much anything). You get all three versions when you buy the book from Frontier.

When is the Amazon / Google Play / iTunes version going to be available?

They are coming later this year. I don’t have an exact date at the moment, but will post up on all the usual channels once I know more. For Kindle users, the .mobi version of the ebook from the Frontier store is compatible, you can upload it manually or email it to your Kindle.

When is the physical version of the book going to available?

This is being combined with the other digital channels above. As yet there is no firm date.

Will there be an audiobook version?

This is being considered by Fdev at the moment. If I have news I will advise. The more people who ask, the more likely it will be. 🙂

Will the book be translated into different languages?

Nothing confirmed on this at present.

Will there be another sequel?

Gasp! Another one? 😉 In truth, I’m not sure right now. Certainly it won’t be for quite some time as I have a backlog of work I need to deal with. There are other ED authors out there who arguably deserve a shot at sequels and the matter ultimately rests with Frontier themselves as any official book has to have their blessing.

What are you working on now?

Working hard on my next project, the novelisation of another classic computer game “The Lords of Midnight”. This is a pure fantasy novel. You can find out more here. After that I have my own SF project to complete, the Shadeward Saga, which I’m currently halfway through.

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