Elite Dangerous Premonition – First Draft Complete

Apr 5, 2017

Something of a milestone today.

Having pledged to complete the first draft of Elite Dangerous Premonition this week, I have in fact completed it today. A big push over lunch-time was sufficient to finish off the last remaining scenes, details and some of the major glaring inconsistencies I knew were lurking in the manuscript.

The novel stands at 140,707 words. It took 236 days (7 months, 24 days) to get to this point.

So the book’s ready then?

Not so fast!

What happens next is that I need to re-read the entire story from beginning to end, tweaking and adjusting pace, dialogue, tense, viewpoints, making sure characters ‘pop’ and keep on looking for typos, mistakes, continuity errors and so on. Right now, the book is not even close to ‘ready’, there is still a lot of work to do…

…Not to mention that last chapter that you will all be writing on the 29th of April!

However a first draft is a significant point in the creation of a book. It means there is definitely something very tangible already in existence, the overall story is told and it’s now a case of polishing, refining, tweaking and adjusting.

The second and third drafts will follow in due course, but we are getting close. Many names will be immortalised in the canon, lore will be established and many mysteries revealed.

For now, I write on, Commanders.

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