Competition Question 2

Oct 21, 2015

Win a signed copy of Emanation!

Win a signed copy of Emanation!

So everyone! Here we are again with another question. If you missed yesterday here are the details.

I have reserved 3 paperback copies of Emanation, the first book in the saga. I will sign them and will post them out to the lucky winners.

The rules are simple. Each lunchtime for the next two days I will post a question in this blog, and the first correct answer in the comments section below will win. ( Comments are time stamped, so don’t worry if your post is moderated by the website tech – I’ll check the timings!)

After that I’ll contact the winners for address details and arrange for them to be sent after Fantasticon.

As for the questions, the first will be Elite related, one will be related to my stories and one will require you to know your ‘Wagar’ lore (whatever that might mean!).

Good luck.

Question Two : The “Drew’s Books” Question

There is a single physical object which appears in all my individual books (regardless of genre) or at least once in my sagas. It is in Torn, The Oolite Saga and Elite: Reclamation. It’s something of a signature of mine, an easter egg if you like – it will appear in Shadeward too.

What is it, which book of the Oolite Saga is it in and where is it located in the story?


It is a 24 hour clock (or ship’s chronometer to be precise) from an American WWI warship. In real-life it lives in my study, but it appears in all of my stories.

This clock appears in all my stories…

In Torn it was in a study rather like mine : “An old mechanical ship’s chronometer on the wall behind Benjamin ticked efficiently away, marking time as it had done for the last eighty years. It looked strange on first sight, with too many numbers on the face. Slightly battered and well used, it marked time in twenty four hours, rather than the usual twelve.”

In the Oolite Saga it appeared in a space station bar : “‘I guess we’ll know soon enough…’ Coyote said, looking at the ancient chronometer that was marking time on the wall as it had for centuries. It was an old naval piece, a mechanical antique from long ago. It was fifteen minutes to six.

And in Elite: Reclamation it was back aboard a ship. “Where the Eagle had been tatty and well used, the Cobra was polished and neat, but every control seemed like an antique. There were none of the familiar holofac displays; all of the instrumentation was far more primitive. Kahina even spotted an ancient mechanical timepiece bolted low down on the console, its face pockmarked with age, marking out time in twenty-four hour segments by the means of two ornate pointers of different lengths.”

And where will it be in Shadeward? You’ll have to keep an eye out for it.:)

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