As the dust settles…

Jan 6, 2013

Hello Everyone,

As the dust begins to settle, thoughts begin to turn to ‘what next’. Quite a few people have commented that they feel a little bereft after the completion of the E:D Kickstarter, though I’m not sure we could have coped with that tension for much longer.

For those who need to play a game, my personal favourite, for many reasons, is Oolite. Get the game from, and join the community at For those who like their ‘Elite’ a little more measured, a little more mature, this is the haven for you. You’ll get a warm welcome and an invitation to ‘the friendliest forum this side of Riedquat’ – though what’s on the other side of Riedquat has never been accurately determined.

For those wanting updates on the books.. I’m reasonably reliably informed that frontier will be creating a forum specially for the books. No detail yet, but I’ll pass that on when I know more.

If you’re off a facebook persuasion, we have a dedicated page  and if you’re a fan of things being shorter than 140 characters, you can follow me at I will update these together.

So what next? In the immediate short term (next week) – nothing at all I’m afraid! My local Astronomical Society is hosting a Stargazing Live event next Saturday, and as I’m the chairman, I need to turn my resources to that. Once that is out of the way, I’ll focus on Elite:Reclamation properly.

The first step will be honouring the pledges, so if you’ve selected to have a website link, expect a communication in a week and a bit’s time so I can upload your links. I will also be putting up some paypal donation options to the website so we can continue to raise funds for the paperback run.

Then the work on the plot begins in earnest. My plan is to have that locked and loaded for the end of February so I can start writing in March.

If I have any other news I will keep you updated. I will be using this website in favour of the kickstarter (far more html options) in future, but will advise folks from here that a new update is on the site.

Thanks once again… now the hard work begins!



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