Eclipse T-3 days : A cycle ride

Aug 19, 2017

I was thinking of doing another hike today, but I was a bit concerned that I might over-tire myself in the process. I don’t think I would have seen anything *that* different from yesterday.

So instead I hired a bike.

My steed for the day.

The route I took was from the Visitor Centre to a spot called ‘Hermit’s Rest’ and back again, a total of just over twenty two miles.

Paved cycle-ways

For a lot of route the tracks are cycle specific and paved. It makes the going pretty easy. Sometimes you have to be on the road, and sometimes you’re using the same path as the hikers, so you have to watch out. One oddity – you have to actually come to a halt and stop to allow the buses by, they are forbidden from passing moving cyclists. Probably not a bad thing!

Still the same amazing views

There were a few hills, but nothing all that drastic. Despite the much longer distance it was a lot easier than the hike. The bike was pretty good too, a tourer, with 21 gears.

Staying on the trail

After a leisurely hour and a half or so I arrived at the far end. I had an ice-cream and a rest and headed back.

No. I’m not the hermit!

It’s a great way to get far from the crowds. I saw a few cyclists on the way out, but none on the way back. Most stopped at Hermit’s rest and then got a van to take them back!

Feel like I’ve done justice to the place. Now I have to get back to Las Vegas and catch my flight to Denver. Big travelling day tomorrow and unlikely to have much in the way of internet access.

Fingers crossed for good weather on Eclipse day… looks a little touch and go at the moment.

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