29-04-3303 Your universe needs you, CMDR!

Apr 26, 2017

With a lot of healthy speculation around the 29th event, some press coverage, various stream interviews and with the help of my fellow conspirators, I thought I’d provide a little more background to the structure of the event. Many thanks to CMDR Erimus in particular for his help here.

The original event that we envisioned many months ago was a chase from A to B, across the frontier worlds and into the bubble. We looked to see if this was feasible and interesting enough given the game limitations and instancing mechanics.

We came to the view that it wasn’t, at least not in such a simplistic manner. One of three things would occur with that scenario:

  • All the protagonists would die in the first 5 minutes
  • All of the protagonists would leave everyone in their wake and be gone in a flash
  • The servers would melt with having so many people gathered in one location at one specific time (the Distant Worlds Sag-A* showed that is one scenario FD won’t appreciate!).

So the event is designed to transpire as follows:

The protagonists will leave 46 Eridani and attempt to reach their destinations somewhere central within in the core worlds (bubble), and those aligned to them, or opposed to them, are encouraged to spread out across the frontier and deploy fleets to areas that the protagonists will attempt to run through.

People who want to help and be involved them can fight for superiority in those areas and prevent blockades and camps from forming, while those who are opposed to the protagonists can attempt to chase down and outmanoeuvre the fugitives, or gain control of the hotspot regions that allies will be patrolling.

This allows several things. Firstly if players follow these guidelines, the event will be spread out over a larger area so the whole thing isn’t based on one single focal point and stressing the servers.

It allows players on both sides to use some tactics and strategy to out manoeuvre each other, they can deploy scouts and use intel to spy on each other (which is already happening), they have an opportunity to use tactics, deception, and put some thought into ship loadouts other than simply taking the fastest thing they have.

Rather than a simple chase, we have a series of factions, fleets and ships jockeying for position between 46 Eridani and the core.

Groups and alliances have been forming for the last few weeks, on both sides. Individuals and lonewolf players are taking part and finding roles for themselves, be it scouting for either side, or infiltrating the various discords to gather intel that suits them if they’re an opportunist bounty hunter.

Instancing remains an issue, but we can’t do anything about it on the technical level – hence the guidance here. Anything on this scale will always be at the mercy of that.

In saying all that, there’s a chance that all the protagonists will die in the first 5 minutes, but there’s also a chance one or two of them could make it to their destinations too.

Whatever happens people need to understand that nothing of this type or scale has been tried before (that we’re aware of) so there is no blueprint to work from.

We don’t know how it’ll pan out – Regardless, not everyone will be happy. That’s the only thing we’re 100% sure of! We’re appealing to the community to get stuck in and make it the best it can be. You all get to write on, Commanders.

Those who want to see the protagonists fail, please feel free to open your own servers and get organized, there’s still time. Or seek out players that have already done that for you.

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