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“How does it feel to be rich?”

“Empty,’ Alex said, and Rafe Zetter laughed.

“You’ll do for the Dark Wheel, Alex. You’ll do…”

– The Dark Wheel by Robert Holdstock

Elite Dangerous has a history and lore that dates back to the year 1984, the launch of the original Elite game. Much of this lore is hidden, buried, inaccessible – even forgotten, lost in the void.

So join me, the author of the official Elite Dangerous Novels Reclamation and Premonition, on a farewell tour of the lore, alongside special guests, online and in-game, on a last final quest to rediscover the background of this decade spanning game.


  • When? – 19:00 GMT/UTC 20:00 UK/BST Thursday – immediately after the official Frontier Thursday stream.
  • Where? – In-game and on twitch.tv/drewwagar
  • Missed it, can I watch after the event? – Yep. Youtube is your friend. 🙂
  • PC, Xbox, PS4? – I play only on PC, and do not have an account on the other systems. The Xbox and PS4 Groups are organising on Discord.
  • Private Group? – Yes. Search for “Drew Wagar” on PC, “satcom2023” on Xbox and “Allcrowsareblack” on PS4. Apply to join the groups. (Rules apply. Strictly no PVP or player harassment in these groups. Infractions will be dealt with by immediate exclusion, no exceptions, no debate.)
  • Which mode? – You are welcome to fly in your preferred mode; solo, private or open. (Your safety cannot be guaranteed in open mode, though we will do my best to police the private groups)
  • Can I send you a friend request in-game? Sure. 🙂 CMDR Drew Wagar.
  • EDSM? – Yes, you can join the Lore Tour here.
  • Where I can find out more? – Check out Twitter, the official ED Forums post and the Discord channel.
  • What ship? – Run what you brung, CMDR. (Recommend SRV equipped and 20+ jump range at this point). You may wish to bring a cheap ship in case of any ‘incidents’ with other players or the environment.
  • Weapons? – You might need them, just observe private group rules as stated.
  • Permits? – Worth getting permits for Sol, Achernar and Alioth in advance if you can. If you can’t, arrange to hitch a multi-crew ride with another CMDR who has them. (Some grind required.)
  • Can we ask questions? – Of course. Join the twitch stream live or comment below or on the Discord.
  • Can’t make that date! – I will upload to youtube a day afterwards for your viewing pleasure, see link above.
  • What’s going to happen? – You will be give a system locale to rendezvous at (see below) and I will take you on a tour of the lore. You can join other CMDRs in-game or fly solo, watch live or after the event.
  • This is hype and marketing for a new Elite Dangerous book? – Much as I would love to write on CMDR, no it’s not. I’m doing this tour because I enjoy the background lore and think it’s not very obvious to new, and even some seasoned, players of Elite Dangerous. It’s just for fun. 🙂


TitleDateKey LocationDescription
"So it begins"CompleteSolHistory of Earth and the Beginnings of the Federation
"The Expansion"CompleteTau CetiThe Early Federation
"Bread and Circuses"CompleteAchenarHistory of the Empire
"The Writers Pt1"CompleteTBCSpecial Guests TBC
"Per Ardua Ad Astra"CompleteNefertemGeneration ships and Hyperspace
"The Rise and Fall of Galcop"CompleteLaveLave, The Far Colonies and the Old Worlds
"The Great Mystery"CompleteREDACTEDThe Dark Wheel and Raxxla
"First Contact"Complete12 Trianguli, HIP 12099Thargoids and INRA
"The Last Alliance"CompleteAliothHistory of the Alliance
"Ipsos Custodes"CompleteSynuefe XR-H D11-102The Guardians
"Beyond the Frontier"CompletePrismThe Story of Salomé
"The Reorte Riedquat Line"18th JuneRiedquatExtended Tour Prep and Assemble (40+ Light year ship required, 50+ recommended)
"Signposts in the Void"25th JuneS171 18Visiting the NGC 7822 Emissions Nebula
"Heart and Soul"2nd JulyEAFOTS BP-I D9-35The Heart and Soul Nebula marks the entrance to the Formidine Rift
"Conspiracy"9th JulyEAFOTS EU-R c4-1 C 2 at -34.2070, -77.6690The truth behind "The Club"
"Watch your Six"16th JulyPha Airg HG-Y c0
and then to Qiedaea LA-R b52-0
Crossing the void
"Zurara"23rd JulySyreadiae JX-F c0 11An end, is to make a beginning
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  1. Fantastic to hear you’re back involved with Elite, Drew! (Officially or unofficially?) Welcome back and, having missed out on Salome’s Run by about 5 minutes following a cross-country drive back from a family event, I’ll be doing my darnedest not to miss this. 🙂

    Really looking forward to it!

  2. I am interested, xXkrogithXx on xbox in case I need to register

  3. Fantastic news Drew, count me in !

  4. Hello Drew, it’s good to see you back in space. Looking forward to seeing what has for us in these dark days. Cobra Wing and I will be following closely as it was at the Salomé event and Ran Corsen’s escort. I’m very anxious to know how deep you can dig the lore for us

  5. Looking forward to this event… Especially the occasional Saturdays since I have to be at work during the times on Thursdays.

    Right On Commander!

  6. Awesome Drew, I am looking forward to it!

  7. Save me a place please, I’d love to tag along.

  8. i would like to on this too

  9. Looking forward to this! From the UK originally, and started in the eighties in a 48k Spectrum. Living in the US now, so weekend hookups are probably my best bet, due to the time difference. Will be following closely and hanging out when I can.


  10. Excellent news, I’m signed up and will be along for the ride, and PLEASE don’t let poor moderation or blinkered commander comments prevail in keeping you away from the Frontier Forum…(Your lore post was a breath of fresh air in the dusty halls of Frontier!) I feel some of the moderators are sometimes ‘grandstanding’ for their own aggrandisement… you being ‘famous’ would just attract such attention… as a 2014 Kickstarter Backer player pleb I’ve experienced a couple of VERY weird interactions/infractions with one of the mods myself. No rhyme nor reason sometimes.

    • I’m afraid I’m rather fed up with the petty attitudes of some of the moderator team there.

      • That’s a REAL shame Drew, but I must admit it’s like a drug addiction compulsion with me logging onto the Frontier Dangerous Discussion Forum nearly every day…. I’ve been doing it since 2014 and boy have I seen it descend into a cesspit of toxicity and negativity which seems to have happened DESPITE the moderation from some mods that sometimes seem to have stuck their heads up their own ARX when it comes to common sense or even even-handedness! Anyway, let’s not bother ourselves with all that biowaste, just keep yer head up, don’t let the b’tards grind you down, and keep up with the GOOD work you do.

      • I’d like to think that if you get on the wrong side of the moderators and white knights, that means you’re going in the right direction :). Don’t let it get to you, the overall response (from *players*) to your recent postings has been overwhelmingly positive.

        Your stories enriched the game far more than anything Frontier-produced and have inspired me and a huge number of other players to try and interact with the lore of the galaxy. Most attempts went unnoticed, somewhat understandably, but I can’t stress enough how huge the response to your work was, the sheer amount of people who have worked to try and fufil Salome’s Requiem. It continues today, although I know quite a few people who are on breaks waiting to see if GalNet comes back 😀

        ED, from a gameplay point of view, is pretty massively flawed. The lore is the one thing that keeps me playing, that keeps me planning revolutions and trying to create stories and events for the game. In 2018, I helped anarchists take over Aegis’s HQ system in response to Salome’s Reqiuem, and I think that might have been the last time Frontier ever used GalNet to respond to a player lore event like that. But people are still trying to add to the galaxy’s lore, both in and out of game. Your work is a huge part of our motivation to continue.

        If Frontier and some others can’t see the value in the lore, sod them. The community will keep creating, with or without them. o7 CMDR, and thank you. We’re looking forward to the Lore Tour!

  11. Looking forward to the event, I have no doubt there will be a bit of unplanned surprises. I hope you’re not too distracted by the forum incident though. Sad to see what happened there, and you have my sympathy. I find such things disturbing.

    Fly dangerous. o7

  12. This looks great, Drew!

  13. So the story goes on… with all these misteries… wonderful, i’ll join!

  14. Loving these streams. Thanks Drew.


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