Deep in the Formidine Rift…

Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in Announcements

In the early hours of this morning, the combined efforts of uncounted numbers of Elite Dangerous players came to a head with the discovery of an abandoned ‘mega’ ship far out in the depths of the galactic void.

Clues to this discovery date back to January 2014 when I put the finishing touches to my original Elite Dangerous book “Reclamation“. Now, through a series of unravelled clues, player investigations, long searches and sheer hard work by the player community, the mystery alluded to within has unravelled.

First it was an off-hand conversation, a passing mention of something called the “Formidine Rift” by an old lady in a hospital. Later a vague trajectory plot found in secret Imperial data banks. “Take a line from Reorte to Riedquat to the edge of the arm … and keep going.”

Players went looking, triangulating the course as they uncovered other clues. Beacons, bases, puzzles, obfuscation and misdirection… 3 years have passed. Players also changed the outcome, and have yet to decide the resolution of this particular premonition.

I may have written this story, but it was brought to life by the incredible development team at Frontier Developments. Voice acting (provided by the amazing Amelia Tyler and Jay Britton), music, sound effects and the amazing ship model itself were created to bring the story to life in such a grander way than mere text can convey.

Spoilers ahead then, so avoid if you want to visit the ship yourself. Video courtesy of CMDR Shabooka of the Brocast.

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  1. Its been an awesome journey for those who got embroiled in this quest!

    The amount of player created content, stories, player submitted GalNets, survey missions, community mass-expeditions, the border patrols, the battles and in-game conflicts, the maps and routes submitted to the mapping project, and everything else that this quest has given birth too is a credit to the players who embraced the story and ran with it… and a credit to FD and the authors’ vision to create an iterative story, complete with characters who had personality, intelligence, and were a living-breathing part of the world we share. They were with us along for the ride and helped bring a whole new dimension to the story that scripted AI never could.

    Just one more hurdle to overcome, one more piece of the puzzle to fill. April 29th 3303, 18:00 IGT… Chose Salomé, and uncover the truth!

  2. Great work from the community. We thank you all to your good hints and intelligence working. Elite Dangerous just got a great community. And thanks to you Drew. You had confirmed every piece of the puzzle… Without you we would still discuss about the solutions!

    Thanks to all! 🙂

  3. Well done Drew. Its been a lot of fun kicking this around. Now for the denouement and a whole lot more narrative going forward!

  4. Thanks for setting this ball rolling Drew. Hopefully there is still a lot more to come as we dig for the truth… and the fall out from that truth.

  5. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!
    Thanks for this journey Drew.

    We follow this development on the german forum since the riddle was released.
    Some of us wrote in the english thread as well.
    We love your effort for Elite and the story behind this game.

    Thumbs up!

  6. This has been a fantastic journey, Drew. Thanks for the narrative and the continual updates. Really enjoying listening to Reclamation and looking forward to the next chapter in this epic story.

  7. So what then of Hawkins Gap? A mega ship to he found there then, perhaps? I happened to be in thay general area when this discovery came down. Be nice to have an area or an idea of somewhere, something, to search for.

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