Dawn breaks!

Posted by on Jun 9, 2018 in Announcements

It gives me enormous pleasure to bring you some great news about the official Lords of Midnight novel, now two years in the making!

Whilst paperbacks are still scheduled for September, Fantastic Books Publishing have been able to bring the publication of the ebook version forward.

  • The ebook is going to be available from the 21st June.

The eagle-eyed amongst will immediately spot the significance of the date. This is the Summer Solstice itself, furthest point from the Witchking’s height of power in the depths of Winter, an auspicious moment upon which to launch the book and also the two year anniversary of the moment when the book was announced. Paperbacks will follow in September as previously mentioned, hopefully with a pre-order option in August.

With all that happening there is one more thing to reveal. We’ve been working very hard on the cover design for the book in the last month. The artwork is by Jurij Rogelj, the same artist who created the graphics for Chris’ remade version of Mike Singleton’s original 1984 ZX Spectrum game. We’ve worked hard to capture the essential ‘Midnight-ness’ in the design, introducing bits and pieces from the game that should be instantly recognisable to existing fans, but in such a way that newcomers to Midnight will be enticed in as well. The bloody sword of battle hangs poised across the lands of Midnight, night fell and the Foul were abroad. But now, dawn breaks!

  • Here is the cover of the official Lords of Midnight novel, the first of the “Midnight Chronicles”

Yes, that’s right – the first of the “Midnight Chronicles.” Chris and I very much hope to continue on to Doomdark’s Revenge, the Citadel and the Eye of the Moon too given a positive reception to how we’ve treated Mike Singleton’s legacy in this first book. Everyone has worked very hard to get this book to this point and we’re confident we’ve done a great job, combining writing, lore, research, editing, typesetting, cover design and promotion. Now it’s heading your way wonderful readers. We all hope you love it!

The ice-bound landscape of Midnight is waiting for you to explore it once more…

The Lords of Midnight Ebook Version

The Lords of Midnight, Physical Copy.

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  1. Awesome news and ordered!

    • Thanks Matt! Victory goes to the free! 🙂

  2. Ordered! Really looking forward to it. Now I just need to finish reading Honor Harrington by the 21st…

  3. Congratulations to all concerned.

    I will, of course, be hoping to pick up a signed copy of the paperback at FantastiCon.

    Dawn Breaks, indeed.

  4. Fantastic news and good luck!

    • Thanks Liam – looking forward to seeing what people make of this story!

  5. I really really want a hard back dopy. 🙂

  6. Just out of interest, which media version of the book will pay the highest royalties to you, Chris and Jurij?

    • Hi George, per individual sale it would be via the Publisher site. However sales on Amazon (whilst Amazon obviously takes a cut) means hugely greater exposure for the book as it rises up the charts, which brings in more sales via that channel from people who spot it, and Amazon will further promote successful books as it’s in their interest to do so, so it’s not quite so cut and dried. Amazon sales also jump on the number of reviews which also makes a big difference.

  7. Fantastic news, though going to wait for the paperback. I’m still old school with my books! 🙂

    • Looking forward to seeing the physical copies myself!

  8. Do you have a Spanish version planned?

    • Hi Andrés, it depends on the success of the English version, but the request is noted! 🙂

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