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Commander Salomé, ex-Senator and disgraced lady Kahina Tijani Loren of the empire, is dead.

She was confirmed killed at 20:49 gametime on 29th April, 3303, succumbing to hostile fire from Commander Harry Potter.

Some will accuse me of having scripted this event. Some will accuse me of seeding factions and sowing discord on the discord. I would love to accept such a compliment, but I’m not that good. I can write a plot, but I cannot manipulate an entire playerbase to my whim.

Salomé’s death was the result of you, the Elite Dangerous community, what you did and didn’t do. I set out to write your story. For good or for ill, for heroes and villains, for Elitists and for compatriots, for factions and lone-wolves, for griefers and carebears – this is the universe of Elite Dangerous and the book will be true to that zeitgeist.

She survived, in open mode, being assailed by hostile commanders almost immediately, for 1 hour and 45 minutes due to a combination of strategy, practice and a measure of luck. She even had our start location advertised. I’ll agree, the odds were against her.

Salomé got within 6 systems of our target, having fought her way across 600 lightyears of space. Her ship was battered and damaged. At the point Salomé was finally interdicted her hull was holding up well, but the modules within were shot. The FSD drive was failing to engage. Chaff and weapons were offline. We had an AFMU – we’d already used it completely – twice. We prioritised repairs to the FSD hull (not the hull as you can’t repair it! – my bad), shields and thrusters, hoping to limp on. We had stocked up on jumponium, but we had used it all in our flight. We suffered some client disconnects, but we never combat logged.

She didn’t make it. Harry Potter dealt the death blow, but she was already dying by that point due to other interdictions by hostile players and our attempts to escape using emergency FSD drops. Contrary to rumours circulating, Commander Potter wasn’t part of Salomé’s wing at any point. A valiant proactive, reactive and strategic defense was managed by allied forces in an attempt to keep her alive. You can read about that here.

When news of her death was confirmed there was silence. Deep meaningful silence. Then sobs and cries. Anger, vengeance and retribution followed. This was humanity – this was the aim.

Yes, I had anticipated her death. Clearly that was a highly probable outcome. Personally I was hoping she would make it. She had a speech all ready to go – she liked speeches. That will never see the light of day now because you changed the story. But this wasn’t scripted, there was only preparation for as many eventualities as we could foresee. The logs in the Teorge system were revealed by the three protagonists that did make the flight.

The Elite Dangerous universe goes a different way, a page is turned. This chapter is at an end.

There was a lot that went wrong (some of it in our control, some of it not), much that could be improved. I will review it and learn from it, as will others. Rest assured, those behind their scenes did their utmost best to make this work. They deserve your praise regardless of how you view the outcome.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed, in any way. The sheer hard work and dedication of my team of conspirators in planning the event, the military precision of the private discord channel attempting to plot a path through the madness. The wider community discords attempting to bring some organisation to the chaos, those who did what the hell they liked. The streamers, the viewers, the forum and reddit denizens, the tinfoilers. For Frontier in creating this amazing game and working with me to build this story. Even Harry Potter. You all played a part.

Edit – Lave Radio has published an interview with the Children of Raxxla and the PAC. It is a good guide to what really occurred on the 29th.

Edit – More details can also be gained by listening to the BroCast Podcast on the event. 

Edit – An extremely well-written article on the events of the 29th, by Polygon.

o7, Commanders.


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  1. We salute the fallen. And we praise the loremaster.

    Well done, Drew. A noble sacrifice for a greater good. Sorry she didn’t make it, but as I’ve said elsewhere, martyrs never die.

    I look forward to reading your prosaic version of what happened. And to seeing what happens next…

    Write on, Commander.

  2. Thank you Drew. I will admit that there were times I was confused and frustrated by the story arc but only because I only had a short glimpse behind the curtain. Putting myself in your shoes and thinking about what I’d know and do I came to the simple conclusion that I’m glad you’re you.

    The pure passion that played out on the forums, discord channels, reddit and elsewhere are a testament to the success of the story. People honestly cared and that’s all one can hope for.

  3. You need only look at the reactions, the finger pointing, the blame game, the angst, the laughter; to know this was a success.

    Regardless of the whys and wherefores, the instancing and the result – thousands took part. The new and veteran. Those supposedly in the know, and those without a clue.

    And now it is over. It leaves a vacuum that will be filled by new chapters and new stories.


  4. Thank you Drew, it was a great night !
    I really hope something will follow, because what was revealed in those Listening Posts, just confirmed what we already suspected. The 3 living VIPs have to know more right ?
    I really hope so, if not, well, I guess we’ll try to find out things ourselves. Again, thank you, and Frontier, for organising this event. May Salomé shine bright among the stars o7

  5. Great fun.

  6. xbox was an after thought though, total waste of time for us.

  7. Should have let the Xbox guys take care of Salomé.
    They knew what they were doing

    • Xbox player didn’t have 500 people on his friends list following his every move. Or 3000 more chasing him. Put it into perspective.

    • When it came down to it, XBox had over 700 players in defense of Yuri and less than 30 people coming after him. That said, we were organized and could’ve taken a much larger force. But either way, at least now you know how interested the XBox community is in seeing the story unfold and how willing we are to organize and be a part of it. Hoping to see more of this content as it was very fun and awesome to be a part of.

  8. Hey Drew, thanks for this Aftermath article. I also think that it would be the “best” outcome for the story, even if I am terribly sad that she died. I wanted to hear her speech so much! What if she had more to say than Raan, Tsu, and Yuri?
    I look forward the upcoming Galnet News, the riot, forks, and torches! 😀

  9. Thanks Drew. Regardless of outcome and views of yesterday’s events, your story arc was about the only.thing that kept me interested in and sometimes playing the game. Hopefully the powers that be will realize the empty sandbox can be so much more with future crafting of immersive and interactive storylines and in-game live roleplay character. I hope you get to (and want to) stay involved post-Preminition and have more opportunities for such, and that the other authors have similar opportunities. You deserve that at least for all that you have put into it over the past few years, but at the same time completely understandable if you want a break from it, temporarily or otherwise. o7 (I _never_ use that so this must be important) and Remember…

  10. Right on, Drew. o7

  11. Thank you for your statement, Drew. It was an awesome ride with Salomé yesterday and despite the outcome one of the most rewarding gaming-experience I ever had. I’m very happy to have been allowed to play my part in organizing this and even be with you during those tense hours.
    I sincerely hope that there will be a sequel to this in the near future.

  12. Looking forward to reading the book and finding out some more of what was going on. Couldn’t make it myself but everyone I know who was involved had a good time.

  13. With all the discussions going on in the FD forum, I think this may not be the friendliest outcome – but it might prove to provide the best story.
    In any case, I had fun last evening, even if I didn’t even glimpse one of the main protagonists. And I’m afraid of what the Teorge messages hint at.

  14. Many thanks for Your effort!!!

  15. Dear Drew,
    Thank you for trying to make a potentially spectacular event in Elite Dangerous – this was the kind of thing the game needed.

    I agree her death was likely. There will always be gamers like Potter et al that make interference in events like this inevitable, so they’re not a big deal here, IMHO.

    However, I think there were two factors that really hamstrung the efforts of you and your team, and they’re all due to limitations of the in-game mechanics (i.e. not your fault).

    Firstly, there is poor galaxy wide communication. Even though Salome’s start position was known, she had no in game way to call out to the galaxy to rally to her aid.

    Secondly, the grand old chestnut of instancing. For those of us who knew who to stalk from Twitch or were members of various discord servers (and I doubt most players know of their existence anyway), most of the time we were scratching our heads, even if we knew where Salome was, there was no Salome to be seen – because instancing.

    I’m not a stranger to this kind of event, I actually ran a player group in an Elite-like game called JumpGate. My group, “UKM”, cooperated with the developers to actually act and perform in public to present an ongoing in-game story line.

    Full marks for effort and personal investment though – it took balls to put the star of your books on the line like this.

    CMDR DaveG

  16. Thanks so much drew for your work 3 years ago to make such a beloved character come to life. With her death I hope the story continues and an accomplice or two will carry on her work as those of us in CoR will as well. Wasn’t how we wanted the story to end but an every ending is a new beginning. Here’s to the rest of 3303 and beyond. Choises, we all have them now.

  17. Great post, Drew. And great event. Bring on that space opera!

  18. I hope there can be more events like this, organized by the community or FD itself.

    This event certainly drummed up a lot of interest. So thank you!

  19. I’m not upset at the outcome, I hoped she would live so that we can get some much needed gameplay soon, but I don’t care she died.

    What I am rather bugged by is that this is all giving publicity and a book spot to such a toxic individual.

    Someone who’s livestream revolves around calling people retarded or Faggots. Someone whose sole aim is to make other people’s play time less enjoyable. One of the main people pushing people away from open play, and HE is going to go in the book?
    Sorry but as much as I enjoyed the first book, I can’t support that.

    • Agreed.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

    • Agreed on Potter. I think its time the community at Elite stands up to players like him. We all know that Harry does everything in his power to ruin all live events. How about all players both PVP and non PVP do a kill on site for live events on Mr. Potter. Send a message that his type of play will not be taken any longer!

      • I took the decision to do this in open mode, and there are consequences to that.

        • I don’t think anyone has an issue with the fact that Salomé died. We all accepted that was the most likely outcome. A heroic last stand to get her comrades to safety makes a good story. The issue is that the people responsible did so in a manner that was extremely toxic for the entire community and we don’t want to see her death written in away that supports or rewards that kind of behavior.

          • I completely understand that and will be taking all possible steps to ensure the book does not make that implication.

  20. Great eval, Drew. And great space opera as well. More, please.

  21. LOL, “entire playerbase”. Yeah okay. Dude, there were like 10 people around her in total. What a fucking joke.

    • Yeah these trolls drove off the entire community and then openly mocked them in their stream.

  22. Means a lot to read this Drew, thank you and you have done great things.. remember that 😉

  23. Mileage differed but I had a lot of fun and am proud to have been part of it. RIP Solomé

  24. Hey, all I did was advertise the 1 bill bounty so I doubt I did much. Fantastic event nevertheless, and I sure had fun watching the aftermath.

  25. She was not the only one who had been in that part of space.

    Do not forget…
    There are Elites who has been in that part of space.
    Some which have stories which can enlight some of the events.

    CMDR Roen Soul, Elite Admiral of the Elite Black OPS…
    He is back and trying to warn others of what he has seen. He was there, he was the one who built Ben Ryder’s portal and was offered a choice to take, a one-way ticket to war… Andromeda, thargoid’s portals and the great escape…

    He was one who stole Thargoid ship and returned with that to the core. But he had lost his memory, it is now all coming back. What was did to him to erase his memory is wearing off. He was always wondering why he saw that ship on the ground… It started to come back… He was there.

  26. For what it’s worth, I find it really unfortunate that this event ends up empowering and adding to the infamy of a notorious griefer. It’s hard to see anything good coming from that. If the promised shadow bans had any real bite, CMDR Harry Potter wouldn’t have been darkening the skies since quite a while back.

    • Had this been planned since the 20th December? It certainly looks like it from Drew’s tweet on that date. It’s so short sighted to give them air.

      • No, it wasn’t planned from that far back. This event was organised in the last six weeks or so. SDC had impacted a previous CG, hence the tweet in December.

        • Thanks for the clarification. What haven’t they impacted in a negative manner in this beautiful game? There is a patern!

  27. While I was no fan of the way some player groups declared themselves “in charge” of this event. I have to say it was quite an experience and while certainly an unfortunate end for one of my favourite characters, it was great fun and won’t be soon forgotten.

    I only hope we haven’t lost any revelations and they will some day come to light through other means.

    Right on Cmdr Drew.

  28. But what about Yuri and the others? They made it to the finish. We were told before that if any one of the 4 pilots made it, then the defenders basically won. So will their secret be told?

  29. Thanks for this wonderful aventure. The player mourns Salomé, the character prepares himself for worse to come, it’s half a failure as the information went out thanks to her wing mates.
    It was Elite Dangerous as I enjoy it. Intense , full of surprises and thanks to you , backed by a nice story to make all that “real” .
    Thanks to all the players, David Braben , and you once again MrDrew.

  30. Far and away the most anticipated, exciting, hard fought and fantastic event in game to date.

    Huge congratulations to everyone involved, a massive success no matter the outcome.

    Roll on the Premonition launch!

  31. So SDC did what the SDC do – backstab and kill things, Salome was finally(?) killed (again!). So is she really dead? Drew says so, Galnet says so, but lets face it it isn’t the first time. Drew’s comments on Obsidian’s video about an escape pod not being feasible in a battle situation are probably true but that only applies if the attacking commander detects it and is aware of it and has time to shoot it – as far as I’m aware neither happens – plus an unconfirmed report….
    If she is The elite dangerous universe will be poorer for her passing
    Who knows what the future holds….

  32. Salomé is dead ? So be it…

    I, to be honest, hoped she would survive, i hoped she would reveal what she had to, to the entire galaxy (more or less), but she failed…

    Many are blaming PAC for this, because they ordered us to bring unarmed ships… What you need to consider is that this was, by far, one of the most intelligent tactics I ever saw in my life…

    Hell, they managed to get all the other VIPs safely to their destinations, the only loss is the one of Salomé…

    To be honest, Salomé herself wasn’t someone I would have defended (I work for the people’s Princess), but I think it was necessary to let her reveal what she had found…

    Roleplay apart, this was by far the most fun I had in Elite since long,

    In this regard, thanks, Drew, for your hard work, and may the odds be with you…

    So say we all,


    • PAC had nothing to do with Yuri. That was on Xbox and was a well coordinated effort by Xbox players.

      It’s just a shame that Salome wasn’t the responsibility of the better coordinated players on Xbox.

      • Easy to be coordinated when you haven’t got 3000 players to worry about backstabbing you. Who did he have after him? 30 max I heard. LOLLOL indeed.

  33. I had hoped she lived, but it was probable that she wouldn’t The odds were stacked extremely against her. But whilst she was the target of everyone, she bravely sacrificed herself so the information could still get through. She is now a martyr to the cause of freedom. With her death, and the information released, the superpowers can no longer keep the populace of the galaxy quiet.

    It was a great night, I was on XBOX defending Yuri, and streaming what we were doing, Although my wing were just scouts, we still played an important role in distraction and misdirection.

    I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the book.

  34. o7 Drew
    o7 Every Commander involved, I arrived late, poorly prepared but it was an awesome thing to be part of.

  35. Personally, I’m disappointed that it’s taken so long to get to this point – and basically nothing much has happened. The beacons seem to give almost exactly the same info as was found on the Azurura (whatever it’s called).

    I suppose Frontier dragged out this slender storyline so as to prepare the next instalment which I expect will be shipping out soon at around £40.00.

    What is needed is a storyline that individual players can participate in, without the need of the whole community or Open Play. What is needed is the ability to engage with the game without having to rely on clues from Galnet News – and have in-game means to solve riddles and clues (rather than needing external help outside the game).

    Basically, what is needed is multiple single player storylines that don’t involve doing one mission and that’s it. I suppose it’s all too much to ask.

    • “Basically, what is needed is multiple single player storylines that don’t involve doing one mission and that’s it. I suppose it’s all too much to ask.”

      At the scale of this game, it would turn into the same pre-canned crap that makes most MMO’s so un-engaging. We had 2500 people in the PAC discord.

      • Thanks for that.

        Personally, I’m a solo player and play Elite for the single player game it used to be. I’d be more than happy having a single player plot to follow – in fact, I’d be extremely happy if Elite became a single player only (offline game). Perhaps in 10 years time…

  36. Thank-you Drew for your imagination and what must have been a difficult outcome to even consider. I eagerly await a book to hold in my hands (and an audiobook for my drives to work).


  37. Most people didn’t bother because of the ambiance attitude shown to them by the very defenders that ended up killing her. It was nothing but a giant troll.

    • Bleh I can’t type, was supposed to say abusive attitude

  38. Hey Drew, thanks for the update. There is some doubt going around on the Xbox side whether or not Yuri held much importance. Will we be getting an update on the other characters soon as well?

  39. This was easily the most fun I’ve ever had in Elite.

    Let’s talk mechanics. Escort missions don’t work in Elite. Instancing makes it almost impossible. Then there’s the fact that PvP ships are so dangerous. I’ve mulched Anacondas in my FAS in about a minute. I almost killed a Cutter in my Clipper in the same amount of time during the event. An inattentive or unskilled pilot can be killed in anything by anything. There’s videos of player T9’s killing player Anacondas. I’ll post them if you want.

    As for my fleet in PAC? I was not being elitist at all. If you wanted to run guns my rules were get in TeamSpeak, observe comms discipline and follow directions. As a result I had close to 40 cmdrs who never PvP’ed before under me. And we did our job by the numbers and without incident until we diverted to Salome’s position and encountered the 13th. The 13th were the only people we shot. We finished the day with no losses. We did our job well and got 2 of the 3 VIP through. Regardless of Harry’s betrayal Salome was a lost cause. If it wasn’t him it would have been the 13th. HP stole the kill from them and to be honest, I’m pretty pleased with that outcome given the circumstances.

    I sent you a pretty long winded discord PM about how the PvP community would likely function in the lore. I would like for you to check it out. Spoiler alert: There’s a reason why all the best out there are villains outside of AA.

    Cmdr Bad_Player, 3rd Fleet PvP ops.

    • You really are so full of yourself aren’t you! There are so many more people who play this game with zero interest in PVP than those who do nothing but PVP.

    • Let me know if he responds to that PM and what he says!

      CMDR Relick

  40. It was not a success and she was NOT killed by the actions of players – thats why so many people are angry. Literally the game engine killed her. You can’t have literal defenders willing to fight for her who are in the RIGHT PLACE but can’t see her because they can’t manage to get into the correct instance and then say GG, working as intended. It completely sucks for everyone who was NOT ALLOWED by the game to defend her despite being there.

    If we were all floating through space dead or had watched her blow up because we couldn’t get her safe in time.. yeah, GG, well played, cool ending. But literally feeling trapped by a game engine that was never intended for this sort of event? Nah, bs. We didn’t kill her, the game did.

    • Let’s just chalk this one up as a learning experience. The next major event needs to be one that works much better with the mechanics of the game.

      • That’s if anyone can be bothered in future. I for one won’t.

  41. Hello Drew,

    I wanted to say first that I’m a fan of you personally, having heard you on a few interviews. Second, I sincerely hope that you never consider doing anyhing like this again, and that games in general stop trying to to do this kind of event completely. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t a good idea. Having the contributions of thousands of people made irrelevant by the off-screen actions of some internet troll is not a satisfying conclusion. Being forced into arbitrary organizations filled with incompetant leadership who tell you nothing, give you no direction, waste hours or days of your time, and whose dumb decisions ultimately got the VIP killed (Harry Potter was deeply involved. He did my PVP eval.) is not fun. I completely understand the amibition to find new ways to combine storytelling and player action, but until games and the internet learn to adapt to the behavior of persistant jackasses and consider how their actions ruin things for everyone else, every single event will turn out this way. The only thing I took away from this whole thing is never to participate in a public Elite event again, and that the internet’s ability to connect us to all the worlds worst actors at all times is a constantly exhausting affair. Given how much of it we have to do in real life, can you blame us for not wanting it in our entertainment, in our “fun” hobbies that we put aside time and energy to participate in?

    Anywho, I don’t think this is your fault personally, but I honestly believe this was just a fundamentally bad idea given the limitations of the game, multiplayer games in general and the type of people that inevitably show up. Good effort, but this was a disaster.

    • This is how I feel. Lessons learnt hopefully.

    • I’m going to quote Ghost Reaper above, as he put it quite well:

      “It was not a success and she was NOT killed by the actions of players – thats why so many people are angry. Literally the game engine killed her. You can’t have literal defenders willing to fight for her who are in the RIGHT PLACE but can’t see her because they can’t manage to get into the correct instance and then say GG, working as intended. It completely sucks for everyone who was NOT ALLOWED by the game to defend her despite being there.
      If we were all floating through space dead or had watched her blow up because we couldn’t get her safe in time.. yeah, GG, well played, cool ending. But literally feeling trapped by a game engine that was never intended for this sort of event? Nah, bs. We didn’t kill her, the game did.”

      You complain about incompetent leadership, but I do not know why. The PAC was incredibly organized, and our plan was well executed and worked nearly flawlessly. We gave everyone plenty of direction with the information that we had available to us.

  42. Hey Drew, a little editorial comment here. Could you maybe lead with this positive bit:

    “There was a lot that went wrong (some of it in our control, some of it not), much that could be improved. I will review it and learn from it, as will others. Rest assured, those behind their scenes did their utmost best to make this work. They deserve your praise regardless of how you view the outcome.”

    Instead of leading with this negative vibe:

    “Salomé’s death was the result of you, the Elite Dangerous community, what you did and didn’t do.”

    And also maybe take a little more personal responsibility for the outcome. I watched Potter’s video, and saying you could use some practice is putting it mildly. The first thing I tell my trainees is the most important thing: fight like you actually want to live. 😉

    • Alas, Salomé’s ship was virtually crippled when it was interdicted. Please see above.

      • I read your explanation, and I saw the video posted by the villain Potter showing what happened in full detail at least from the attacker’s POV, including the state of your Hull/FSD. Forget for a second all of the errors that caused the prior damage. Did no one in your security detail suggest slotting an AFMU?? That was standard required gear in my wing of auxillary escorts.

        • he already stated above that the AFMU had been fully used up — twice!!

        • He did have an AFMU.
          And it was exhausted. TWICE.

          Cmdr Zenith Ddraiglas

      • Why would you friend HP in the first place? You must have known that being on someones friends list allows them to track your exact location in real time, right?

        So why would you trust someone like that? Were you acting in character as Salome? IF so, why would she trust a person known galaxy wide as a murderhobo? It makes no sense.

      • A fascinating event and look forward to the book.
        Hopefully you won’t include a weak, two dimensional character such as Potter in the book though.

  43. Thx Drew for this event.
    I think too that game engine “killed” her, because many players can’t get to right instance 🙁 So not community killed her but and only – Harry Potter killed her. That’s it and it’s simple.

  44. Hoping the disappearence of my comment was in error, I am reposting it.

    > Thousands of players were online.

    There always are. During this event, players were about 4% fewer than the previous week.

    > We may have even hit a record here according to unconfirmed reports.

    The upspike in players during this event was about 3%.

    • Have tweaked the article to match Gorgio. Thanks for the png. Looks like the comments filter zapped it first time round.

  45. Its a real pity she got killed by someone with such a lore breaking stupid name, i hope you plan to change the name for the book Drew.

    • I very much doubt he will be called ‘Harry Potter’ in the book. 😉

      • No matter the name used, I think the book will need to explain why Salomé accepted friend requests from such well known sociopaths – allowing them to track her every move and effectively condemning herself to die when she didn’t have to.. at all..

      • It’s unfortunate that CMDR Harry Potter chose such an unimaginative name, taken from another fiction series – since it’ll end up decoupling the in-game CMDR from the character in the book. I would have preferred it if an SDC member with a name you *could* use had taken the kill.

        • Let’s not pretend Drew could not use the name CMDR Harry Potter in the book. Drew has chosen not to. That’s it.

          • I suspect it would cause some problems. 😉

          • Ah yes, immortalizing the book sponsor’s greatest irritant could cause some problems.

            How about you shift the blame on to J K Rowling? 🙂

  46. When I read Elite:Reclamation over 2 years ago, I never imagined that I would end up flying alongside the main character of the book, let alone the author behind her! The tension, the drama, the real effects of trying to fuel scoop while running hard and the constant threat of interdiction by unknown Cmdrs made for a particularly memorable gaming moment! Thank you for making that happen.

    You have a knack for creating characters and mysteries that people can associate with. While I’m disappointed that Salomé has met her demise, I’m glad that many MANY Cmdrs were rooting for her and her compatriots to get through. It may be the end of this chapter of the story, but the logs in Teorge promise more chapters to come.

    I know you have Lords of Midnight and Shadeward 3 scheduled to write, but I hope that you will be able to bring your unique approach to storytelling back to Elite at some point in the future.

    It was truly a pleasure. Fly dangerously, and EB,P ;p

    Cmdr Zenith Ddraiglas

    • You were awesome out in the void, CMDR!

  47. Given the limitations in the game, pretty good fun even if I never really got close to Yuri (on XBox). Good to see fleets of the big ships doing their thing.

  48. From an authors pov, it’s quite a good story that Salome fought a brave fight, and despite heroic attempts, she was finally slayed from within ( lyrical license) . Her demise will not detract from the story, it will simply add to the lore.

    A brave attempt at creating lore. Well done everyone for participating

  49. SDC are a cancer of Elite Dangerous

  50. “Salomé’s death was the result of you, the Elite Dangerous community, what you did and didn’t do”

    Frankly, this sentence infuriates me more than it should.

    Salome was not killed by the community, it was killed by few griefers who have never considered themselves as part of this community. If the actual community hadn’t been restricted from participating by the game mechanics, *hundreds* of players would have shot down CMDR Harry Potter within seconds of him even being anywhere near Salome. Alas, the only people around were double-crossing PAC members because they used the game mechanics to remove anyone not part of their posse.

    I bought your last book. I sure as hell will not buy a book where you make sociopaths famous. Do not pin this on the community, it had no part at all in what happened.

  51. Drew, I enjoyed Reclamation but your Aftermath post is a poor reflection, both the content and intent – as bad as the Salome “Event” itself. Here’s why:

    1. Only one line telling of the other VIPS, “the three protagonists that did make the flight.” That’s it? We understand that Salome is the important hero here, but really?

    2. No mention that the defenders were victorious due to those 3 making it? Not even mention of a Pyrrhic victory?

    3. You mentioned the killer’s name 4 times, no less. You do realise he is the most reviled troll in ED, don’t you? An attention seeking extreme griefer who mindlessly destroys newbs, ruins charity events, abuses exploits and couldn’t care less about lore or the story? Way to go to feed this attention *$#@%.

    4. You say, “Salomé’s death was the result of you, the Elite Dangerous community.” Rubbish, it was YOU, Drew, for having this most reviled griefer on your friend’s list, in effect holding up a big white flag saying “Here I am!”

    A shame on ED, the books and the event which are now shown to be a farce, with the extreme griefing and trolling squad setting the agenda for it all.

  52. Truth Be Told (which is what she stood for after all) It could not have happened any other way… Thank you for imagining things large enough for us all to play a part!

  53. This was a triumph; I’m making a note here – HUGE SUCCESS.

    Approximately 99.999% of stories out there, the protagonist succeeds and everybody lives happily ever after. There needs to be some stories where the bad guy wins. I think this will make for a lot more interesting book, with the SDC’s long running campaign of deceit, and the ‘good guys’ incompetence – rather than the usual how the plucky good guys won against all odds that is a common SF trope.

  54. drew apparently can’t take criticism. I wonder if he got a drone to do the moderation for him or if he reads these comments himself before he decides what to censor

    In case ouf the latter: You’re a fraud, Wagar. I wished I could just have the ebook removed from my FD account, now it’s there as a permanent reminder I have given money to a fraud.

    • Hi Quineloe,

      No, I’m happy to accept criticism – and there has been a bit. 🙂 Yesterday was a bank holiday and I do have a family, so apologies for delay in moderation.

  55. Hi Drew,

    For the lat few hours I was brainstorming this. Call it wish fulfillment if you want, but I had a lot of fun thinking about it, and I hope you like it 🙂
    – – – – – – – – –
    My character in Elite Dangerous became a bit…’fanatical’ in following Salomé’s goals and sought to assist in any way possible. Though he never came into direct contact with her (barring one brief occasion at a formal Imperial Gathering years ago), Cyril Caelus became obsessed with uncovering the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding so many disparate events. He believe all, if not most, strange occurrences are linked somehow, and whether or not this is true, remains to be seen.

    Despite his enthusiasm, Cyril never made much progress on his own. He lacks the resources keep up with others in uncovering clues, and lacks the depth of knowledge make use of any found clues. When Salomé’s death was announced, Cyril forgot all about the conspiracies and vowed to revenge. On his quest to track down and kill his target, Cyril finds himself on the trail blazed by Salomé and her investigations. Completely by accident, he begins to uncover the truths that Salomé found, but others become aware of this. The hunter has now become the hunted.

  56. My largest issue with the event is that the characters and the story were dumbed down to fit the event, not have the event fit the story or characters.

    The result of which is now a total omnishambles

    We know certain things were done to allow people to follow salome et al, to make the event more compelling, but to me that just means the nature of the event itself was fatally flawed.

    It’s like in a really bad movie, special forces guy forgets how to shoot or fight, says “I’ll leave all my guns here and go outside in the dark to check for that hoade of zombies”

    Or in this case “let’s get in our own ships, broadcast our position at every step and go only just go fast enough for our pursuers to be behind us.. they’ll never find us”

    Hell, even most people know today to use a burner phone, ditch your old phone, use cash, stay away from cities and never trust anyone,

    I know hindsight is wonderful, but if you are going to use an in game event then set the scene in game, provide reasons for the suicide rush that means it was their only option(and make damn sure it really is).

    Drew, in your book I really hope you really, really have covered this off, because if there’s one thing that can turn a great book into a crap one its characters not acting consistently for the sake of plot progression, especially when that progression happens outside of the book.

    It’s not people dying at the end that bothers me(salome had to die, it’s the only way to resolve things) it’s the above, forget who did what, instancing etc they are not the cause. The cause was the nature of the event was totally NOT suited to the game or the scenario

    In hindsight an open mode only CG that states something like “salome and co have been captured and will be executed in a week. Deliver special weapons to point A to aid their rescue, deliver them to point B” to guard her. The tier reached determines who lives and dies. You still get the urgency(omg we only have a day left and we’re only at tier 2), more players get to take part and you don’t get stung by game mechanics or accusations of scripting,

    But it seems to me, this event became the be and end all, disregarding or dumbing down characters, the narrative, common sense and advice from the elite community just to reach a conclusion

    And that is a huge, huge shame.

    • The events that will appear in book prior to this event in game are not public knowledge at this time. Salomé was operating with agency and intent that will become clear. She has not been dumbed down at all. Her flight and the desperation behind it are valid.

      As for CGs they’ve been done, over and over again. The same with puzzles and encrypted data. The novel also requires action, conflict and yes… some pew pew.

      Lots of advice was sought, lots of work was done. Lots of things were checked, rethought and trialed in advance. This was no whim, no ‘have a go in open mode’ and see what happens. There were compromises which need to be made to use the game as a basis for a book. Those aren’t necessarily ideal, but they were considered at length. This book is not an isolated story in the ED universe, it was designed to be ‘The’ story with player led events dramatically steering the outcome. That has been precisely that. For all the talk of conspiracies, this was generated by players, factions, role-players and those just out to be disruptive. That is what ED is and the book will reflect that.

      • I just want to thank you Drew for the continued support you have shown the Elite: Dangerous community.

        • Hear, hear.

      • > Lots of things were checked, rethought and trialed in advance.

        If only those had included the plan you chose.

        > There were compromises which need to be made to use the game as a basis for a book.

        This nails it. These are much the same compromises which needed to be made to use the “game” as a basis for a /game/. I wouldn’t wish the book fix-up job on anyone. Good luck with it, Drew!

  57. Dear Mr Wagar

    Apologies if necro’ing this post/thread is undesireable, but this location seemed, to me, the best for what I would like to express at this particular moment…

    I don’t play E:D. (I prefer Oolite. …Which I haven’t played all that much either yet.) Neither have I read any of the official books (yet). I do, however, follow your blog and streams diligently, and I have just now finished watching the vod regarding “The ‘meta’ of Salomé in Elite: Dangerous”.

    You discussed the players emotional investment in the background lore, and in the narrative of the Salomé event, referring to the in-game wake that was held for her (among other consequences), and you mentioned that some of the players cried real tears…

    Well, sir… Even I, merely just simply listening to your stream… even I, who might be one of the most uninvested of spectators, only slightly more than vaguely aware of the details of the event… even I, sir… a grown man of 46 years… even I have just now shed a very real tear in recognition, and in resonance with all the emotions of the event, before, during, and still… and I thank you sincerely for … all your efforts, energy, bravery, courage, investment, sincerity, integrity, trustworthiness, tenacity, perseverance, patience, gentleness, kindness, objectivity, truthfulness, commitment, responsibility, ownership, even-handedness, openness, inclusivity, amicability, sportsmanship, … all of it (in no particular order). …and all of it that I don’t even realize (yet). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. …for playing your role in making a part of my life even just *this* little bit more real.

    Although the community can perhaps only ever salute you, CMDR, with a silly little emoticon, I believe that most of them will agree that you actually deserve a medal.

    Right on! <o

  58. So nearly 4 years later, is there even a crash site?

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