Drew Wagar

I’m the author of several best-selling science fiction, space opera and fantasy novels, including several video game novelisations.

I’ve worked on the seminal Elite:Dangerous MMO by Frontier Developments as an official author and also novelised the epic games of Mike Singleton.

I love hearing from fans and gamers about my books, so feel free to get in touch.

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My Story

Having had a successful career in IT, I’m in the position of being able to write for pleasure and create the stories that have been bubbling away in the back of my mind for several years.

I take my inspiration from the great writers I came across in my youth; the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Iain M. Banks and Frank Herbert alongside others such as Jonathan Lynn, Antony Jay, Margaret Atwood, Ursula Le Guin, John Scalzi, James S.A.Corey (both of them!), Anne Leckie and Elizabeth Moon.

I’ve very much enjoyed 70s and 80s TV, Cartoon and Films, including the obvious Star Wars and Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica in addition to Ulysses 31, Battle of the Planets, Star Fleet (X-Bomber), and the Mysterious Cities of Gold.

I’m also a fan of more contemporary tv/film SF such as Farscape, Firefly, The Expanse Series and Dark Matter, alongside fantasy offerings such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Avengers. 

I dislike allegory and preaching in books, I only seek to write stories of adventure, excitement, discovery and exploration with a dash of romance. I’m not on a quest to change the world, nor am I writing to take a stand on social issues. Such diversity as you will find in my stories, and there is a lot, is a result of the needs of story-telling, not an agenda.

My books are written as escapism first and foremost, with tight exciting plots and a cast of characters you’ll love… or love to hate, nothing more, nothing less.

My books are available in ebook, paperback and, increasingly, audible.

I hope you enjoy them!


Drew Wagar

Selected book reviews

This book brought the series to an exceptional, satisfying and relentlessly emotional conclusion. This tied together all the remaining threads of the previous three with such style. It was action-packed and the emotions certainly run high. Now the series is finished, I am bereft, literally in tears as a result. It’s a masterpiece, essential reading. Drew should be proud of this vibrant world he created. I look forward to seeing him expand on the Shadeward universe on the future.

– From Shadeward Expiation

I was about to give up on the Elite universe, put my cherished ZX Spectrum Elite memories back in my childhood wonder. Then I started reading Reclamation… the feeling of wonder was back. This is what Elite was about, my dreamed universe, it’s amazing. The author captured the essence of a universe we liked and developed in our minds and games.

– From Elite Reclamation

Wow just wow. The book is much better than I hoped for. Entertaining, funny, tragic, epic and engaging. I enjoyed reading every single line of it. Thanks Drew Wagar for this book. I can’t praise it enough.

– From Elite Premonition

Drew has managed to retain the feel and narrative of the game that so many of us hold so dear. His skill and hard work shine through. I’m a lifelong Lords of Midnight fan and have been so pleased to read this. It satisfies both my own need for it to be fantastic, and the more noble desire that it should seem to me to be an accessible fantasy book that future generations might enjoy in its own right. Drew satisfied the former and to me, at least, it seems has achieved the latter.

– From Lords of Midnight

Exoneration really ramps up the action whilst portraying a planet in turmoil, and its inhabitants trying to survive an ever changing environment. Some of the chapters are just sheer excitement and breath taking plot developments along the way which keep the reader both guessing the outcome, and at the same time and totally enthralled.

– From Shadeward Exoneration

I loved the way the characters developed, and the mystery of how they discovered the forgotten past of their world! This is the third of the four promised in the series, and this one really was able to utilize the multiple characters that we saw develop in the first two books, putting them into dramatic action. The urgency of their goals and emotional action in this book comes out in full force.

– From Shadeward Enervation