The Hegira Saga

A four part space opera set in the Shadeward universe.

Humanity was forced to abandon Sol and voyage out into the darkness, forging new colonies in nearby star-systems.

Some were successful, others were not.

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The Shadeward Saga

A four part science fiction saga with a fantasy feel.

A tidally locked world of eternal day and everlasting night, burning deserts and frozen wastes. The inhabitants seek the truth about their past, long lost in vague, yet disturbing, myth and legend. Three young people, Kiri, Meru and Zoella, begin to unlock the secrets of their world.

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The Midnight Chronicles

Two pure fantasy novels.

The lands of Midnight and Icemark were cursed into eternal winter many thousands of moons ago. Lords of the Free face an indomitable enemy in the form of the Witchking and his sorceress Daughter. Their only hope rests in ancient lore and the legend of the Moonprince.

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The Elect Saga

A four part space-opera series inspired by the space-trading and combat simulation games of the 1980s and 1990s.

Set in a distant part of the galaxy filled with pirates, bounty hunters, traders, explorers and strange aliens, this is tale of heroic high adventure, blazing a trail through hyperspace against insurmountable odds.

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The Official Elite Dangerous Novels

Two officially licensed novels set in the universe of Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

An Imperial Lady, Kahina Tijani Loren (a.k.a. Salomé), battles pirates and bounty hunters, whilst trying to reclaim her home and unlock the secrets of the galaxy.

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A contemporary romance novel exploring the interaction between religion and science.

Catriona Turner, a born-again Christian, finds herself in direct confrontation with Benjamin Lawrence, an embittered scientist behind a proposal to build a nearby science park. Their relationship is further complicated by family pressure, lies, dogma and manipulation by those around them.

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Short Stories

A short story anthology.

A collection of seven stories featuring tales of science fiction, fantasy and time travel. Journey to far flung parts of the galaxy, take a trip back through time or ponder the nature of reality itself.

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