Tionisla, a little background…

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Another mysterious Cobra Mk3…

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted a Galnet article entitled “Curious goings on in the Tionisla system”.

For those steeped in the original game this system will need little introduction, but for those newer to the Elite franchise and Elite: Dangerous in particular, perhaps a little lore primer is called for. Borrowing from the sterling work by Dave Hughes, the loremaster himself, here is a little background…

Tionisla was one of the ‘Old Worlds’, a member of the Galactic Co-operative (the original GalCop) way back in the time period of the first game, circa 3125 AD.

Back then it was most famous for a curious mausoleum, a massive graveyard where the rich and famous were interred at the end of their lives in a manner reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Huge edifices were constructed to mark the passing of notable commanders and worthy dignitaries. To be buried in the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard was a mark of distinction accorded to only a few with the means and the contacts. It signalled you had arrived… and departed, in style.

It was described by the late, great, Robert Holdstock in the original novella that came with the original game, The Dark Wheel. It was here that the narrative of Elite first started, the story that kicked off with a dilapidated Cobra Mk3 being stolen from the graveyard by a young hot-shot named Alex Ryder and his accomplice Elyssia Fields, to begin a quest to upgrade the ship into a proper fighting machine to take on a bounty hunter who had killed his father over the grandest and oldest of Elite mysteries – the location of the legendary planet Raxxla.

Tionisla has always been steeped in mystery… and now it plays host to another.

It’s no accident that another Cobra Mk3 has made an appearance there, with another mysterious commander being interred. As you will have seen, a mysterious code has been transmitted and events are unfolding as a result. In echoes of that original story from long ago, new tales are being told…

Whilst the graveyard itself will be accessible to players in a future update to Elite: Dangerous post v2.2, in the meantime – courtesy of Commander Jaiotu – we have a dramatisation of that event to ponder.

What happens next? That rather depends on what players do…

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  1. Can’t believe you didn’t mention the THS!

    Otherwise great article drew. As usual!

    • I’m waiting for you to officially canonise it my dear chap! 🙂

  2. Excellent work! I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since the Wings update but I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the lore and I’m eager to see where the franchise goes. Aside from GalNet News in game, where would you recommend one go to next to seek out more information about the events mentioned and the mysterious Formidine Rift / Raxxla?

    Thanks again for the primer! I’ll be on the edge of my seat for quite some time!

  3. Dave and Drew, Loremasters both. It must feel so good to be the people contributing to this amazing universe. You should both be very proud of yourselves.

    I look forward to various incoming interviews about your amazing contributions.

    Onwards Loremasters!

  4. This is what the game needs. Open world/galaxy is fine but actions need some sort of foundation as a springboard for future adventures. Looking forward to where this leads us…

  5. This is what is needed to help flesh out this huge galaxy. Anchoring the past history as a springboard to future expansion and adventure. Good stuff.

  6. if only we could have another clue to what we are trying to find in the rift and or raxxla (either or really, not picky about clues :D)

  7. “the story that kicked off with a dilapidated Cobra Mk3 being stolen from the graveyard”

    Not quite. That’s Chapter Three! 🙂

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