The sky is no longer the limit

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The sky is no longer the limit
How mo can you grow?

How mo can you grow?

It’s been a manic week, but, believe it or not, I’ve not even opened the Elite : Reclamation doc file at all. There have been some fun and games with the ‘Mo’ crew – more of that to come I assure you. If you haven’t donated to the team yet, your duty awaits. 🙂

I also posted up a new trailer. You’ll know by now that my allegance lies firmly with the great and glorious Empire of Achernar (and yes, I’m sticking with the ‘R’ because I’m an astronomer) within the Elite universe. Why? Because they have the coolest ships and the best back story. I can’t think of anything worse than the Federation (which is sort of the USA++) and as for the Alliance, that’s just the EU++, enough said. The Empire has been described as a cross between the British Empire and the Roman Empire at their heights… cue ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, ‘Jerusalem’ and the ‘Dambusters March’.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is. A rather different take on that ‘Damocles Combat Video’…

A more serious point though. This was a test run for my new PC, to see if I could capture HD video from a 3D accelerated application/game in real time at good quality and framerate. It was a bit of a technical challenge for me, but I was pleased with the result. It means that I should be able to capture new footage from the Alpha and Beta versions of the game for use in promoting the book…

…which is where it gets rather more exciting.

Ambitious? You'd better believe it!

Ambitious? You’d better believe it!

Fantastic Books Publishing is setting out to take the 4 Elite books to the next level. I really mean…. the next level.

We’re already discussing with Frontier the exact format the promotion of the books will take. There’s the obvious newspaper, bookshop, library, book signings, radio and (hopefully) TV spots. Currently we’re still planning for a March 2014 release as we await more details from Frontier on their own timings.

If we’re going to do this we need some content and soon… and so here’s the plan.

Cue drum roll.

Along with the ebooks and the standard paperbacks Fantastic Books Publishing are planning to produce… (deep breath)

  1. Professional audiobook versions with actors and actresses
  2. Box set paperback and hardback versions with co-ordinated graphics and spines which (when combined) feature a certain iconic Elite spacecraft
  3. Very ‘special’ and limited edition signed versions of the above
  4. Cinematic book trailers for all four titles including on set live action sequences

At this point, FBP don’t have the resources to do all this, which is where we’re turning to the Elite community once more.

It’s been a year since the Elite : Dangerous kickstarter began, now we’re planning another Kickstarter to make it possible to take the official Elite fiction to a far higher level of professionalism and polish. We’re planning a series of cool pledge awards such as special edition box sets, signed copies, collectable usb sticks and other goodies as part of a new Kickstarter, squarely aimed at producing this material.

It’s going to be quite an ask, this stuff doesn’t come cheap, particularly when you’re dealing with all that recording equipment, actors/actresses and so on – but Elite fans know the score and we’ve seen the impossible done, over and over.

We believe this is what the community wants us to do, and we’re throwing our heart and soul into making this the best it can possibly be. Elite is back, it’s happening now and we don’t want to settle for anything less than the best we can possibly produce.

Can we count on you?

Can we count on you?

Is it ambitious? Yes it is. Is it going to be hard work? For sure, but you’ve seen our dedication to output and quality all the way through this year. We’re up for it and we hope you are too. Come and relive that Kickstarter comments page vibe.. (and buy yourself a new F5 key just in case!)

They said Elite Dangerous would never be funded…

They said no one would be interested in Elite Fiction…

They said Kickstarting a kickstarter would never work…

We aim to misbehave and prove them wrong once more. Our Kickstarter launches from the Coriolis docking bay into witchspace on the 20th of November. Stay tuned for a dark and mysterious transmission.

So in the words of one Aragorn, son of Arathorn…

What say you?


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  1. Just tell me where to throw my money at!
    Exciting news.

  2. I would definitely pay more for the matching book set and hope that the films are produced but I can see a lot of people who have already paid for something and aren’t as well off being overly stretched especially if like me they still need to fund a new PC.
    Nevertheless I do hope you succeed.

    • Good point, Flavio. This is in addition to what is already guaranteed, so it will be a community decision as to whether it happens or not – in all senses of the word!

  3. “They said no one would be interested in Elite Fiction…”

    Really?? Who are “they”? I don’t believe it.

    • You should see some of the derogatory emails I received during my kickstarter last year…

  4. Well, (a) the book is already “potted” by funding your original kickstarter; (b) I’ll never kickstart an audiobook because it’s appeal always is a black&white decision done based on the speaker(s), and (c) why would I finance advertisemnts? So I don’t get it. But I still wish you all the best of luck because I can see why some would be very excited about such a “wholesale” package!


    • Details on the potential ‘voices’ for the audiobooks will become clear. Stay tuned on that one. And yes, the book comes out as per original kickstarter – no changes there. The focus of the Kickstarter is primarily the audiobooks and the boxsets. Samples of the type of audiobook will be available to listen to during the kickstarter.

  5. Sounds great and only to willing to help another kick-starter project,will definitely invest.

    However on another note i would like to propose the regulars at the Thargoid Bar as your actors/actresses, we have a little experience(ham acting) but will happily do it for free hence saving you some money..and please don’t say no i insist, that’s what fellow Imperials are for! 😉

    • That would leave me in debt to Psykokow…. (shivers!)

  6. As soon as you know the Kickstarter is up and running Drew please pass the information to your loyal supporters. I am already making space on my bookshelves. My enthusiasm knows no bounds. 🙂

    HaHa! Have you been sneaking away to watch the Star Citizen KS video again?

    • Star Citizen…? What’s (ahem) that, then? 😉

  7. Looking most excellently hirsute, Sir! Good luck taking everything to the next level. Remember, you were born to do this. Hopefully all the fans will say, ‘1000% yes! We’ll see you in the final.’


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