Shadeward: Exoneration Cover Reveal

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Progress Report

And here it is! Part 2 of the Shadeward Saga draws one step closer to launch now that the initial ebook cover is available. A full paperback/hardback version is still being worked on.

Exoneration Medium

It’s following a similar style to the previous book of course, they are all linked together! The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the passage of the inferior planet Mayura and the low attitude of the star Lacaille 9352  – these, as you won’t be surprised to find out, are precisely in the right place for this scene. This is all very significant. The cover illustrates a key part of the book as our characters venture past the temperate zones and deep into the terminator of the tidally-locked world of Esurio.

The colour is significant too. Lacaille 9352 is a Red Dwarf, so why the far blue and violet? You’ll have to wait and see, all will be revealed later this year as we move into Autumn.

We’re getting ever closer and it won’t be long before you can read the next instalment of the Shadeward Saga.

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  1. Good to read work is progressing nicely!
    I am really looking forward to read more about the people on Esurio. Especially as the story is obviously very much influenced by Esurios position as a tidaly locked planet and the features of its system in total…

    • During Exoneration the effects of this Red Dwarf star become quite ‘noticeable’ 😉

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