Profile – Senator Kahina Tijani Loren

Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Progress Report

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  1. I don’t suppose the Lady is also a dancer?

    She freed and floated on the air her arms
    Above dim veils that hid her bosom’s charms…
    The veils fell round her like thin coiling mists
    Shot through by topaz suns and amethysts.

    Perhaps her dance is more of a political one…

    • Luko makes the same connection in Chapter 10. 🙂

  2. A fittingly mysterious end – you’re right – this will be mostly redacted by Galnet – even though much of it is canon (not that canon stands for much these days…)

  3. FD may well replace her with their own characters, but she won’t be forgotten by the fans of the book and the ones who followed the brief GalNet stories about her, and the Formidine Rift mystery that was played out in the forums a while back.

    Such a great character with an intriguing story to tell, yet sadly may never be finished. I hope the role players and content makers amongst the community go on to create a few myths surrounding her, and what happened out there in the Rift with the mysterious Dark Wheel !

  4. Sometimes what happens out in the Black should stay in the Black Erimus – if you had been with us that night you would know what I am referring to… 😉

  5. I’ve been following your writing since the Oolite days Drew, and just finished Reclamation in the sun yesterday. Really enjoyed Empire space being brought to life (despite being Alliance through and through). I was just wondering, what software did you use to render the photos of Kahina in the article above, or are they actual photos of someone specific?

  6. Sequel…. Soon (TM)

    • Well… Never say never! I don’t suggest getting your hopes up just yet. ‘soon’ may be a very long time…

  7. I don’t think that “Salomé” seen in Distant Worlds has anything with the real Kahina (also seen ingame), we should seek for proofs that we’re not dealing with some kind of decoy.

    Kahina Tijani Loren is alive and well… and one thing I can reassure you commanders, she’s no leader of any kind of faction so far…


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