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Win a signed copy of Emanation!

Win a signed copy of Emanation!

With the launch of the first book in the Shadeward Saga just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to celebrate by running a little competition.

I have reserved 3 paperback copies of Emanation, the first book in the saga. I will sign them and will post them out to the lucky winners.

The rules are simple. Each lunchtime for the next three days I will post a question in this blog, and the first correct answer in the comments section below will win. ( Comments are time stamped, so don’t worry if your post is moderated by the website tech – I’ll check the timings!)

After that I’ll contact the winners for address details and arrange for them to be sent after Fantasticon.

As for the questions, the first will be Elite related, one will be related to my stories and one will require you to know your ‘Wagar’ lore (whatever that might mean!).

Good luck.

Question One : The Elite Question

We all know that back in 1984, the computer game ‘Elite’ was released. However, initially it wasn’t going to be called ‘Elite’. What was it going to be called?

Answer : “The Elite”. Congratulations to Commander Corrigendum!

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  1. Trojan

  2. Freefall

  3. Freefall

  4. Not the answer I’m looking for. Keep guessing folks. 🙂

  5. Traveller

    • Great guess, but no cigar I’m afraid.

  6. firebird

  7. Bell’ “freefall” and Braben’s “fighter ” were combined into the Original elite.

    • This is very true, but there was a single title before Acornsoft settled on ‘Elite’. 😉

      • Freefight? Fightfall? :-/

  8. Freefall and fighter were combined into elite

    • Chalice

  9. Star trader

  10. Half an hour in and the question still stands… Keep guessing folks.

    • The answer is “The Elite”

      • WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations Commander Corrigendum. It was indeed going to be called ‘The Elite’ but the definitive article was dropped prior to release. I will be in contact. 🙂

  11. One of the names being considered fairly late during development process was “Chalice”, and I have also been led to believe that Ian liked the name “Black Starlit Grave” of all things.

  12. Next time, Gadget… Next time…

    Congrats commander CORRIGENDUM.

  13. The Elite

  14. The Elite

  15. Darn didn’t update the page before I posted 😉

    • Correct answers, but slightly too late Eric and Steve. Same time tomorrow for another chance! 🙂

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