Drew is a versatile author and voice actor, having produced both licensed and independent ebooks, paperbacks and audio books.

Drew’s books are critically acclaimed online and have gained an enviable collection of favourable reviews on Amazon.

As well as his own unique science fiction and fantasy books, Drew takes on commissions for other creative projects concerning game/book tie-ins, audiobook narration and film. If you are interested in seeking a commission in any of these areas you can use the following link to contact Drew.

Below is a selection of the projects Drew has worked on.

Drew wrote the first ever player event inspired game novel for Frontier Development’s MMO Elite Dangerous. Thousand of player actions within the game were fictionalised into a dramatic SF story set in the Elite Dangerous Universe.

Drew wrote the dialogue for the ‘Eli’ voice pack for Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous; a very arrogant computer performed by John De Lancie (most famous for his role as ‘Q’ in Star Trek).

Drew performed the completion narration of the audiobook ‘Shadeward Emanation’, now available on Audible.

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