1. Fantastic history. And I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Zachary Hudson.

    I enjoy these tidbits of history, especially when I remember them from before. Like smuggling loads of slaves behind one box of fuel to Van Maanan’s Star, and needing a permit every visit.

    Interesting how humanity colonised other worlds and promptly wiped out the indigenous life.

    • from what i understand he was basically the vice president so when the current president was removed he won a vote of confidence and became leader.

  2. I think you should add the ancient history lore of the Tourist Spot 0165.

  3. Fantastic!

  4. Fantastic, fantastic article! This is the first thing I’ve read from you and I love it. If there’s one thing I just want to request it’s that you change the image of Zach Hudson to not include his current powerplay standing and not have the federation logo in front of it. Otherwise this was so cool to read!

  5. Hi. What kind of life was discovered, biological, intelligent life ? Thank you in advance.


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