1. Fantastic blog, really informative. Nice one.

    What are your views on using structures like neutron stars and the like to temporarily improve jump range without having to upgrade the FSD?

    I’m of the opinion that, while certainly convenient to be able to improve the efficiency of long distance missions and exploration, with no extra safety measures these ‘super jumps’ are the most obvious candidates for misjumps, something not really seen since the introduction of the new drive technology.

    I’d be interested in your view.


  2. An excellent write up. I look forward to the description of type 4 hyperspace 😉

  3. Are we already at the end of the ladder of hyperspace technology? I think not. No one knows what Metadrive Inc. had in store when Sirius took them over, the same Sirius that allegedly found the Antares. we are not done yet, I think.

    Also, what of the Arsenic Injection system employed by numerous independent engineers? With a few twitches and twirks they are able to increase jump ranges by up to 50%. If FSD technology can be tuned that easily the next years will hyve some major surprises in store for us.

  4. Hi, what sources did you use for this? How canon is the information, and where are your references so I can dig further into the lore of the Elite universe?

    • 100% Canon. I will cite refs if I get a chance. 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply Drew.

      • I wasn’t aware that FarAway was Elite canon. Please correct my ignorance: I thought it came from a Peter Hamilton novel.

      • Are you sure the ‘wormhole’ thing is canon? The FE2 bug that was dubbed ‘wormholes’ by players was fixed in a later FE2 update (and was never present in FFE), after all. I do not recall the effect being ever mentioned (in canonical sources, at least) as actually existing in the Elite world.

  5. The plot thickens.

  6. Thank you Drew for taking the time out to do these lore pieces, ive learned more of the game world from guys like yourself than i have done playing the game.

  7. I thought the FSD was an Alcubierre drive; its operation in game and impossible FTL speeds certainly suggests that. Hyperspace is a bit too fantasy for me, like a magic bag of holding, not hard sci-fi grounded in what is known. The Copenhagen interpretation of QM has allowed a lot of unnecessary nonsense into physics, which is a mess after 100 years of mystical metaphysics curve-fitting interpretations instead of Newtonian and Maxwellian derivations. Physics is still struggling to say an electron is a real particle without an observer, which it obviously is or the universe would not function.
    I wish FD would stick with 4D space and hard science for the travel. Otherwise we should have tractor beams and anti-gravity as well as the teleportation of ships. 😉
    But, I realize “it’s just a game”.

    • It certainly seems to be an Alcubierre-style drive in operation within systems. It allows the ship to attain velocities up to 2001c. Hyperspace remains ‘magic’ however from a hard SF perspective. 🙂

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