1. I so look forward to it…
    I wish I knew what support my PS4 pro will have ?? Better fps? Or can I choose between 1080p n up scaled 4k HDR?
    U guys mentions more info before launch but nothing yet? Unless it’s E3 2017 u are waiting for? I have my copy paid for but I’d like more info? Is it same universes as PC? Cross? It is it a fresh unique PS4 only? So I won’t find so many places found d already? How are the controls? Anything? There’s no info about PS4 and PS4 pro version …

    • I don’t know much about the technicalities I’m afraid. However the Frontier FAQ may answer some of your questions. It will be the same universe as PC, Xbox that’s for sure, but PS4 players won’t be able to interact directly with PC or Xbox players.

      FAQ is here > https://support.frontier.co.uk/kb/faq.php?id=365

  2. Great article! But… There’s a typo, in the picture of Imperial ships the caption says “Am Imperial Fleet”, pretty sure you meant “An Imperial Fleet” here.

  3. It is interesting. But why there is no mention of the Guardians? Is their story over?

    • I’m planning a longer article on the Guardians at some point, but that mystery is still in flight at present.

  4. Thxz drew for the response, I hope there is some marketing , like some hands on , maybe a Q&A on big sites like IGN
    Will really get people pumped to buy the title. Right now there’s not alot of hype , since alot of people don’t know about it, I’ve spread the word through my job at Verizon to my customers who are gamers ,my PS4 buddies , n so on …
    But there has to be something that would won’t cost u guys money ,n still get the population interested …
    I would like to see this game succeed for a few reasons a encourages u guys to continue on PS4 , n likes of future sequel no wait ,2 more people to play with..,3 opens up so other PC only developers see that almost anything on PC works on consoles now and days , I was a huge PC gamer for years .
    But the comfortability of coming home after working on average 10-12hrs a day sitting in bed after my girl falls asleep early ,gaming in my bed on my big 4k Oled Lg which is amazing… N I love my PS4 pro ,n the exclusive games like God of war , or horizon, are amazing , n I’m hoping the new Spiderman is amazing , well I could go on for ever..

  5. Excellent introductory post!

  6. Hey Drew I’m starting to get disappointed, I get the game in 2weeks
    And there is nothing new on elite dangerous PS4 pro
    Seriously I would like a bit more detail then PS4 pro support , is it HDR ? Better frames? 4k
    I mean seriously I understand if it was months a way but 2 weeks and no info on the game except the PC Version.
    I was hoping to see something at the conferences but not the PC or sony conference, a Q&A WITH DETAILS ON THE GAME FEATURES THATS MORE THEN BLAND ANSWERS LIKE PS4 PRO SUPPORT? HOW DOES FRONTIER WANT THE GAME TO SELL IF THEY CANT TAKE A DAY TO UPLOAD SO ANSWERS ON THE WEB PAGE or somewhere ..Its only going to help there sales since a lot of people don’t make blind purchases .
    Yes there is alot on PC,
    But what is changing on PC Xbox one , PS4 pro ,anything?

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