1. Wonderful! Thanks for the trip down memory lane Drew 🙂

    I watched the intro with my 10 yr old who was busily playing minecraft on his phone and he noticed the similarities, ‘though the surface rendering is better on my phone’, he said. Darn kids…

    I couldn’t help but exclaim ‘planetary landings!’ either. Great game, truly groundbreaking.

    Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. Great memories there Drew. I hadn’t even been aware that a new Elite was being made, when I just found it one day in a shop. I still remember the disbelief and jubilation that there was, finally, a new Elite. The learning curve was steep with the new flight model and hitting anything with the laser was nigh on impossible, but the sheer scale of the game was (for the time) incredible.

  3. I remember having real tears in my eyes when I first loaded FE2.

    • Same here. Similar feelings also for Grand Prix on the ST, by Geoff Crammond. After years of putting up with 8-bit Coin-op-influenced nonsense…

      • Oddly, like Elite, that’s another game with its roots on the BBC Micro. Geoff Crammond wrote Revs for the BBC sometime around 1984 and then moved on the Amiga/Atari platforms with the Formula One series.

  4. I can watch that intro video every time and it brings back different memories from the game. I had folders with price lists from different systems. I also liked the TARDIS ship.

    Work your way up to a Tiger Trader, buy ten mining machines, go and set them on a moon. Go sell your Tiger Trader for an Eagle. Head back off and pick up the mining machines again, then sell them leaving the space in the hull that would have held them. Giving the Eagle the space for a massive Military Drive, and a plasma accelerator.

    I spent years upon year on this game.

  5. For me, it was the Newtonian physics that made the game. I couldn’t hit a thing in the original Elite and still can’t in Elite Dangerous 🙁

  6. “FE2 … being … solely written by David Braben”

    Incorrect. Ian Bell supplied algorithms and design and Chris Sawyer programmed the entirety of the PC version. David Braben programmed only the inferior Amiga version.

    • Thanks Chris, wasn’t aware of that. Updated.

  7. Great game I brought a new PC just to play it the intro is genius and was groundbreaking at the time great piece of writing well thought out just brought elite on Xbox one and looking forward to trying it.

    Also looking forward to a piece on first encounters a game I struggled with although I can’t remember why (to be honest the fe2 screen shots brought back lots of memmories )

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