A number of questions about my Elite Dangerous works come up again and again, so I thought I’d put them down here as a reference.

Q. Is there going to be a sequel to Elite: Reclamation?

Yes! A new novel is on the way, Elite Dangerous: Premonition. Details are here and you can track progress here.

Q. Will you run another Kickstarter to write a sequel?

It wasn’t necessary this time around, see above.

Q. Are you involved with the GalNet fiction and other in-game content for Elite Dangerous?

Yes. I have been collaborating with Frontier for some time on the up coming story-lines, various aspects of in-game content including many GalNet articles and CGs. I hope you enjoy them!

Q. Has the Lore been retconned, and if so, why?

Yes it has. There have been several significant alterations to the Elite Dangerous history for various reasons. Players should consider that the previous games were incomplete and limited views of the broader Elite Dangerous backstory and that previous in-game journals and content are no longer wholly accurate. This has been done to increase consistency and sharpen the player experience in the upcoming story. Elite Dangerous is “inspired by what has gone before, not bound by it.”

Q. Why isn’t Interdiction and the Frame Shift Drive mentioned in Elite: Reclamation?

Because they hadn’t been ‘invented’ when the book was finalised. ER was completed at the end of 2013 around the time the Alpha of ED came out. The same is true of a number of other technical aspects now present in the game.

Q. What happened to the ‘Dark Systems’ mentioned in Elite: Reclamation?

The intention was to have rogue planets and brown dwarf stars in interstellar space to allow additional hyperspace routes between major star systems. Given where the game is now I would consider systems with brown dwarfs as the primary stellar object to be ‘dark systems’.

Q. Why don’t the Haoria and Mithra systems in-game match the their descriptions in your book?

Looks like a bug. I will try to get it fixed.

Q. Why did Kahina (as Salomé) need the immunisation when she arrived on Ferenchia? Surely she had been in space before when she travelled to the Prism system and the Loren’s took it over in 3297, wouldn’t she have had the immunisation treatment for that trip?

Yup. You got me. This is a genuine plot-hole. I shall rationalise it as follows. Members of Imperial high society do not travel on passenger liners and are exempt from the ident-chip implants and medical checks required for the unwashed masses. How’s that? 😉

Q. Why wasn’t Senator Kahina a ‘Power’ in PowerPlay?

That’s not how her story plays out. 🙂

Q. Luko is an interesting character, what is his background?

Luko is a trader of many years and has been involved in a number of ‘affairs’ in Federation and Imperial space. He claims that he was accidentally marooned during Elite: Reclamation. This isn’t entirely accurate. You can find out a little more about this (unofficially) in the Children of Raxxla’s fan-fiction.

Q. Senator Kahina has been mentioned in the GalNet articles, is she going to continue to feature?

Yes, she is.

Q. What about the other characters?

Keep watching.

Q. Is Kahina connected to the Unidentified Artefacts discovered in-game?

That remains to be seen.

Q. Who is John Graham? We’ve seen he appears in many of the novels.

He is an interesting chap, though it’s probably not too difficult to figure out who he is.

Q. Octavia Quinton’s bounty for Hassan was only 50,000 Cr, yet you state it was enough to buy a decent ship. Why?

The level of bounty hunting reward and the costs of the ships had not been established at the time. I was given this figure as very generous bounty. It appears the Elite universe has had a small inflation problem in the meantime. I suggest you consider the bounty to actually have been nearer to 5M Cr.

Q. What is the ‘hyperspace cloud’ mentioned in the story?

In the second and third games, entry to hyperspace was marked by the generation of a ‘hyperspace cloud’ at the entry and exit point (a glowing wibbly-wobbly thing that persisted for a few minutes.) At the time of writing it appeared a similar dynamic would be used in Elite: Dangerous. Whilst it was present in Alpha, it was dropped for the Gamma version of the game. Thus it appears in Elite: Reclamation.

Q. Is the old woman in the hospital Rebecca Tyley from your Oolite books, or is she Elyssia Fields from ‘The Dark Wheel’?

My Oolite books are not canon to the ED universe, neither is ‘The Dark Wheel’ any more. Parallel universes will naturally share a lot in common.

Q. Is the Reorte-Riedquat line leading to the Formidine Rift a real mystery, or did you put it in ER for a bit of fun?


Q. Why is the Imperial Courier in game different to how it is described at the end of Elite: Reclamation?

I had to ‘retcon’ the story to match the game.

The book was based on the information available at the time and I assumed that the IC would be realised in a similar manner to the Cobra (ie. a modern revamped version of the original ship model). In ED, the new IC is a much smaller vessel – this was decided long after ER was finalised. This has now be ‘retconned’. Please assume that Kahina and Hassan were flying an Imperial Clipper.

Q. What are you currently working on?

Multiple projects are underway, not least a new Elite Dangerous novel! You can see an up to date status report here.


  1. Glad to read up on the Fantasticon news and the hope for a possible sequel. I’ve always wanted to know how Salome’s story would go from her own POV, as well as what happened to Hassan and the others.

    I know you’ve allowed the Children of Raxxla to adopt her, so to speak, but surely if you did write a sequel, they would be pretty accommodating given you created the character to begin with.

    • I’m sure that won’t be a problem. 🙂

  2. Good updates Drew. Will you be publishing a second edition of ER with the information above updated within?

    • I will see if I can get it sorted for a second edition. 🙂

      • Can’t wait! I’d buy this.

  3. Really enjoyed the book. But left feeling by the end that Kahina should not of killed Dalk, as she was just as guilty as him in starting the war!

    I hope you produce more story’s set in the elite galaxy in the near future. Perhaps with

  4. I am very interested in buying your book, however i tried downloading it on my Nook and could not find it. Is there plans to support Nook purchases? Or am I going to have to rely to old paperback?

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