It’s been a great pleasure for me to see that many fans want the characters from Elite: Reclamation to continue their adventures in the Elite universe. As a result, I’ve given permission for some of my characters to be featured working with player factions in the game.

Below are the collected fan-fiction stories that carry on the story of Elite: Reclamation, unofficially, but with great respect. You can join these factions in-game and contribute to their ongoing stories. Write on, Commanders.

If you would like to write a fan-fiction story using Elite: Reclamation characters in the Elite: Dangerous universe please check this guidance first.

  • The Children of Raxxla – Kahina/Salomé disappeared on Achenar in July 3301. This story explains what happened next, and how Salomé came to be the leader of the in-game faction the “Children of Raxxla” – By CMDR Alessia Verdi
  • Loren’s Legion – In Kahina’s absence, Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney was charged with the oversight of the Prism system. With the Prism system’s defence fleet headed by Admiral Brice, a plan is put together to secure the system from future attacks from the Federation, thus Loren’s Legion is formed. – By CMDR Corrigendum
  • From the Ashes – Salomé knows the Children of Raxxla need to forge alliances with other groups. She is introduced to the Phoenix Group who have fallen on hard times and need help. It doesn’t go as smoothly as either side would hope. – By CMDR Alessia Verdi
  • Elite: Retribution – Trouble is brewing in the Federation. Lieutenant Isaiah Evanson is ‘recruited’ to the Federation Foreign Service by the newly appointed High Commissioner Tenim Neseva in order to gain leverage over the Empire, but events may already be out of control. – By CMDR Driggers

And more is to come. I’m aware of one more work in the… er… works! 🙂

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