Elite Dangerous: Premonition


EliteDangerousCrestTextRegiThe official Elite Dangerous novel and sequel to Elite: Reclamation. Published by Frontier Developments and written by Drew Wagar.

Due Summer 2017.

FrontierThere are moments in history where deeds and chance combine in events of such import that they reverberate down the ages.

A singularity where the choices of the past and the authors of the future pay the price of their combined decisions.

Beyond the core worlds, beyond the Frontier; humanity finds the truth is a dangerous thing.

Elite Dangerous: Premonition is an upcoming novel set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments due for publication in the Summer of 2017.

A reading from Elite Dangerous: Premonition

Written by Drew Wagar, it will dramatise the behind the scenes story of events taking place in the Elite: Dangerous universe, combining the overall narrative from Frontier Developments and combining it with in-game player activities and exploits.

You can follow progress here.



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