Work in progress


Ebook and Paperback Production

 Doomdark's RevengeTBDTBD
Word Count66,000xx
Contracts Signed15/11/2018xx
First DraftIn progressxx
Second Draftxxx
Final Draftxxx
Cover Designxxx
Type Settingxxx
Publisher Approvalxxx
Ebook Availablexxx
Paperback Availablexxx

Audiobook Production

 Shadeward 3: EnervationShadeward 4: ExpiationLords of MidnightDoomdark's Revenge
StatusEditingScheduledScheduledTentatively Scheduled
Contracts SignedYesYesYesYes
Recording complete30/05/2020xxx
Editing completexxxx
Production completexxxx
Audiobook availablexxxx


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