The official Elite Dangerous Novel, Elite Dangerous: Premonition

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016 in Announcements

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that, yes, once again, I am embarking on the writing of an official Elite Dangerous novel. In fact, it’s not “An official Elite Dangerous novel”, it is “The official Elite Dangerous novel.” – a little more on that later. The book will be called Elite Dangerous: Premonition and it is planned to be available in mid 2017. So is it a sequel to Reclamation? Yes… and no. ūüėČ Premonition will definitely follow on from Reclamation, so if you haven’t read the earlier story you’ll be missing out on the background to some of the characters and the mysteries that will unravel. Characters from Reclamation will reprise their roles. You will not be surprised to find that Lady Kahina will make a return alongside some of the other characters from Reclamation. However this is going to be a rather bigger story and no longer concerns just the Prism system. This will be a galaxy-spanning epic. I’ve had the opportunity to work much more closely with Frontier Developments on aspects of the story this time around and will continue to do so throughout the novel’s creation. We’re trying something that’s not been done before; writing a story which will evolve and morph depending on what happens in the game. What will it be about? First and foremost, the book will be far more intrinsically linked to the game than before. This time, the book won’t be a ‘point in time’¬†or a story tangentially linked to Elite Dangerous¬†– it will be ‘the story’. What Frontier have asked me to write is the ‘behind the scenes’ view of what is happening in-game and I’ll be writing it as it happens. All those disparate story-line threads you’ve seen: Halsey, Artefacts, Probes, Barnacles, Permit locks, The Rift, Imperial politics, Federal machinations, the secretiveness of the Alliance and those ‘Shadowy Figures’ – yes, they’re all connected and this will explain how – in a way that just can’t be done in depth in-game. I’ll be able to incorporate player activities. Elite Dangerous wasn’t¬†available when I wrote Reclamation. Now things are very different. As part of the story, there are various points along the way where players will affect the narrative via CGs, in-game events and players just doing their own thing in response to those events. ¬†Your collective actions in the game over the next few months will genuinely have an impact on what I end up writing. As part of that I’ve been allowed to see what has been planned and contribute some of my own ideas into the game via Galnet, CGs and so on. I’ve been working with the Elite Dangerous¬†developers to bring alive various points in the story, adding additional content, which will allow you to take part in that story, and be mentioned as a result for your contribution. I need you to solve...

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