Emanation MediumExoneration MediumIn 2016 Drew published the first instalment of a wholly original SF work called The Shadeward Saga. Two books out of the series of four are currently available.



In 2014 Drew completed an official Elite Dangerous novel, Reclamation. In 2017 Drew complete the sequel to Reclamation, the player inspired story of events in the Elite Dangerous universe, Premonition.


In 2013, A short story, Metal, was included in the excellent anthology Fusion, in 2012.



newtorn_medium-215x300Drew wrote a full length contemporary drama novel, Torn, published in 2011.



In 2016 Drew contributed the short-story “Written in the Stars” for the anthology Synthesis.



oolite saga image smallBetween 2006 and 2011 Drew wrote the acclaimed SF series, The Oolite Saga.



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