Elite Dangerous Lore, everything PS4 players need to know (Lore Primer)

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Lore

This is one of a series of guides to the Elite Dangerous Universe. You can read the others here. Welcome to the wonderful universe of Elite Dangerous, PS4 players! I’m an official author for the game – as such I’ve done a bit of work on making the lore of Elite Dangerous accessible. When you’ve read what’s below, you can start to delve into my (work in progress!) lore pages too. The Elite franchise has been around since 1984 and the Elite Dangerous game is the fourth in the series. As a result there is an abundance of background detail, thousands of websites and millions of forum and reddit threads discussing every detail. Trying to make sense of all this could well be overwhelming, so a summary may prove helpful. Welcome to the universe and, as we say around these parts… Right on, Commanders! Drew. The year is 3303. After centuries of strife, humanity has hyperspace travel and has colonized an area perhaps 400 light years in radius beyond our Solar system. In these ‘core worlds’ (or the ‘bubble’ as many now refer to it) humanity carries on its business. There are stations, vessels, outposts and all that goes with them: politics, conflict, trade, piracy, bounty hunting and war. Beyond civilised space lies the ‘Frontier’, the largely unexplored vastness of the galaxy. Out there are far flung colonies, mysterious wrecks and astronomical sights to wonder at. There are rumours of aliens too. The universe is a dangerous place. Humanity’s darker side is prevalent out in the void and justice is often dispensed by the business end of weaponry. Spacecraft ownership is common. Millions of pilots have taken to the void, flying between systems in a bid to raise money to improve their lot. Money remains the primary means to barter across systems, with universally accepted ‘credits’ the medium of exchange. As you join the game you’ll find yourself in receipt of a handful of credits and a basic ‘Sidewinder’ vessel. (Many ships in the Elite Dangerous universe are named after snakes). It is not a bad little ship, but limited range, storage capacity and inability to defend itself against stronger foes will tempt you into a larger vessel before long. To gain credits you need to work. Trading is a sensible way to start, buying low and selling high. Missions may be available too, but you’ll find that those who offer them require a certain reliability from you before they’ll entrust you with the more lucrative jobs. You may consider bounty hunting, but you’d be advised to wait for that more potent ship before you rely on your weapons… Pilots are rated in a number of ways; their trading, exploration and combat prowess being assessed on a scale. In combat you start out as ‘Harmless’. If you survive your first few altercations you may achieve the moniker of ‘Mostly Harmless’....

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Narrative editing of Elite Dangerous Premonition is complete

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in Progress Report

Another big hurdle out of the way. Today I put the finishing touches to the narrative edit of Elite Dangerous Premonition! This means we’re now at a third draft (Draft one was the rough story, draft two was my own personal edit) and the book is in really good shape. Lots of plot holes and inconsistencies have been worked out, extraneous text has been axed, prose has been tightened, POV and pace has been enhanced. That all goes to making it better to read and more enjoyable. In total there were 734 changes made based on suggestions by my ever so talented editor, Mae. Word count remains a chunky 153,086 words! Next up is the copyedit. The manuscript now goes for a professional ‘spit and polish’, looking for errant typos, grammar and other inconsistencies. Once that’s done it will be ready for typesetting, the actual process of turning it into a book. Having read it all through again it’s already much better than it was. I’m now really confident I have a solid, exciting and quality story that’s a worthy sequel to my original book, but will also stand on its own for Elite Dangerous aficionados and new readers alike. More importantly I’m confident it captures what’s been happening in the game and gives the reader the chance to experience all those events over again from a different, and more in depth, perspective. I’m hopeful it will also stand as an SF novel in its own right. I’m really looking forward to what people make of it. Production time lines look encouraging. Once I have more news on that I’ll let you know straight away. I’ll sign off with Mae’s last comments to me – “You’ve done an incredible job with it. It’s a great...

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Elite Dangerous Premonition is with the editors

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Progress Report

A major milestone for me today. The second draft of Elite Dangerous Premonition was finished and sent to the editors. 151,354 words in total. I have incorporated all the details from the event that happened on the 29th of April into the closing chapters of the book. The overall story has had a ‘lore consistency check’ from Frontier Developments and the manuscript is now in the hands of the editors for fettling. The second draft is complete! At this point the story is told, it ‘makes sense’ from beginning to end. Hopefully most of the major plot-holes are filled in. (A couple of howlers were spotted en-route!). The overall story has been approved by Frontier in its close to final form. So it’s ready then? No. There will still be a lot of problems with the book at this stage. Typos for sure, POV inconsistencies, character dialogue which isn’t quite right. Descriptions that are too long or too short, pacing that doesn’t suit the scene… this is all stuff that needs to be fixed and authors aren’t always great at it. I’m happy the story is a good one, but to turn this into a book requires a different kind of magic now… the editor. These wonderful folks turn a good yarn into a proper readable form. They dramatically improve the text, tightening passages, cutting out the flabby words, firming the tone, sharpening the words and dealing with the dross. What comes out is the same story, but punchier, harder, more compelling, more exciting and, well, just better! I’m lucky enough to be using the same one who worked on Elite: Reclamation all those years ago. An SF specialist and someone who already knows the ins and outs of the Elite Dangerous universe. We’re in safe hands, Commanders....

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Posted by on Apr 30, 2017 in Announcements

Commander Salomé, ex-Senator and disgraced lady Kahina Tijani Loren of the empire, is dead. She was confirmed killed at 20:49 gametime on 29th April, 3303, succumbing to hostile fire from Commander Harry Potter. Some will accuse me of having scripted this event. Some will accuse me of seeding factions and sowing discord on the ..er.. discord. I would love to accept such a compliment, but I’m not that good. I can write a plot, but I cannot manipulate an entire playerbase to my whim. Salomé’s death was the result of you, the Elite Dangerous community, what you did and didn’t do. I set out to write your story. For good or for ill, for heroes and villains, for Elitists and for compatriots, for factions and lone-wolves, for griefers and carebears – this is the universe of Elite Dangerous and the book will be true to that zeitgeist. She survived, in open mode, being assailed by hostile commanders almost immediately, for 1 hour and 45 minutes due to a combination of strategy, practice and a measure of luck. She even had our start location advertised. I’ll agree, the odds were against her. Salomé got within 6 systems of our target, having fought her way across 600 lightyears of space. Her ship was battered and damaged. At the point Salomé was finally interdicted her hull was holding up well, but the modules within were shot. The FSD drive was failing to engage. Chaff and weapons were offline. We had an AFMU – we’d already used it completely – twice. We prioritised repairs to the FSD hull (not the hull as you can’t repair it! – my bad), shields and thrusters, hoping to limp on. We had stocked up on jumponium, but we had used it all in our flight. We suffered some client disconnects, but we never combat logged. She didn’t make it. Harry Potter dealt the death blow, but she was already dying by that point due to other interdictions by hostile players and our attempts to escape using emergency FSD drops. Contrary to rumours circulating, Commander Potter wasn’t part of Salomé’s wing at any point. A valiant proactive, reactive and strategic defense was managed by allied forces in an attempt to keep her alive. You can read about that here. When news of her death was confirmed there was silence. Deep meaningful silence. Then sobs and cries. Anger, vengeance and retribution followed. This was humanity – this was the aim. Yes, I had anticipated her death. Clearly that was a highly probable outcome. Personally I was hoping she would make it. She had a speech all ready to go – she liked speeches. That will never see the light of day now because you changed the story. But this wasn’t scripted, there was only preparation for as many eventualities as we could foresee. The logs in the Teorge system were revealed by the...

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