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To all Elite Dangerous CMDRs.

I am nearing the end of putting together the next official Elite Dangerous novel, Premonition.

My original book, Reclamation, was written long before the game was available, and the story was set by the limits of my own imagination.

This time it’s different.

This book isn’t aiming just to be a compelling story, nor is it just a chronicle of what happened after events in-game. It has been and is still being written ‘live’ as the story develops and continues to be steered by player actions.

Many of you will have been present in notable events, influencing them one way or another, sometimes drastically, sometimes subtly.

Whilst the story of Elite Dangerous itself will continue, a book must have a beginning and an end. That end is approaching and it’s only fitting that the finalé is determined by the players themselves.

To mark this, I am inviting all of you to take part in an in-game event, the outcome of which will decide how this chapter in the Elite Dangerous storyline concludes. The book will be written by your combined actions, for good, or for ill…

Write on, Commanders.


Mission Directive

CMDR Salomé, formerly the disgraced Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, is wanted by the Empire.

She is accused of terrorism and is a convicted criminal, found guilty of the attempted assassination of Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus.

Her co-conspirators;  CMDRs Raan Corsen, Tsu Singh and Yuri Nakamura are also wanted for aiding and abetting her in her plans to destabilise the galaxy.

So far they have evaded justice and remain at large. Intelligence reports indicate that they will be attempting to reach an unconfirmed destination in the heart of the core worlds (the bubble) for reasons unknown aided by disaffected factions and other malcontents.

A bounty of 5 Million credits is offered for Salomé’s death. 2 Million credits is offered, apiece, on receipt of similar proof of her conspirators’ demise.

Consider all of them armed and extremely dangerous.

They, and those helping them, have been sighted in and around the Col 70 Sector, in the vicinity of the 46 Eridani system.

Do not engage in communications. Show no mercy. Kill them all on sight.


29 / 04 / 3303
Game-time / UTC : 18:00
UK BST: 19:00
Western Continental Europe : 20:00
US East Coast 14:00
US West Coast 11:00
Australia East Coast 04:00 (30/04)
Australia West Coast 02:00 (30/04)


Do you need the Elite Dangerous Horizons expansion to take part?

While it is not essential, we recommend the use of Horizons. Players with access to Horizons will have the advantages of engineered ships. This is likely to be crucial in terms of survival. The event is not scripted, so whilst we intend to keep all the action in space, we cannot guarantee that planetary landings will not be utilised as events unfold.

Is this PC only?

No. Whilst we are aware of the limitations on Mac users, we will do our best to ensure that they can access the event. PC/Mac users share the same universe and characters should be persistent within them. Xbox players cannot share the same galaxy instance due to technical limitations but we want to include this player-base as well. As a result, Salomé, Raan and Tsu will be present on the PC/Mac, with Yuri appearing on the Xbox.

Will this be played in ‘Open’ mode?

Yes. We understand that some players prefer solo and private modes for all sorts of reasons. However this is the only way to allow a live community event with access to all.

What about bugs?

Whilst there are some known issues, we believe we can work around them. We may update this with some specific guidance to players, please review before the 29th for specifics.

Will the characters re-spawn if they die or disconnect from the game if they are attacked?

No. There will be no combat logging from these characters. If they die, they die. We are playing the primary characters in ‘iron-man’ mode. We have created multiple characters to cater for as much flexibility in peer-to-peer instances as we can. We cannot guarantee instancing availability, but hope this offers the best possibility of meaningful interactions. (We are currently reviewing how the impacts of known bugs with certain weapons can be mitigated and may update this statement to reflect that outcome.)

They can die? Really? What if players kill all the characters?

So be it. That is a valid end to the story. The player-base decides the outcome. Our view is that in open mode everyone is ‘role-playing’ even if they’re not consciously doing so. From a story perspective there are some contingency plans for continuity if this occurs.

What type of event is it?

It is not a CG or a long range exploration quest. We advise participants to be prepared for combat.

How do I support Salomé?

You can be assigned a role here in Discord.

And if I want to kill her?

We’re sure you’ll find a way to get organised.

Can we ‘friend’ these characters in game?

You can ask. 🙂 Unfortunately the friend mechanism gives an unfair advantage to players by providing the precise location of the individual CMDR on the galaxy map, so we will be selective in whom we accept.

However, the individuals can be identified in open as:

CMDR Salomé

CMDR Raan Corsen

CMDR Tsu Singh

CMDR Nakamura Yuri D

Where is this happening?

As revealed by the video clue, the event begins in the 46 Eridani System.

Will this be streamed live?

Yes, the following streamers will be covering the event:

CMDR DJTruthSayer

CMDR Hughmann

CMDR Malic

CMDR Selezen

CMDR Nicou (En français)

CMDR Rithwald

What do we need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. If you feel you wish to do something, do what you must and what you think is best.

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  1. May the truth set us free!

    • To quote an excited teenager for a moment…

      OMG this is going to be Amazeballs!

      Ahem… sorry.

      Super excited for this and I shall see you in the void on the 29th, standing by my dear Salomé’s side come what may.

      For the rightful Empress! (At least to me)


      • I also support Salome and her crew and I don’t like the Empire faction. Anything the Empire says I take as a pack of lies. So what the Empire sentenced these characters to death! I won’t kill them and while the time frame doesn’t help me (Philippines’s based) play during the event my support is always going to be against the Empire.

        • I offer my support to CMDR Salomé and her allies. The ISS Baccrin will lend it’s aide in the upcoming battle.


  2. Newtons Fusiliers while not allowed to join the allied fleet because of personal feelings of some of the more soft skinned commanders, WILL be supporting Yuri and are willing to give our freedom, lives, and fortunes to ensure his mission succeeds. Thank you drew for allowing us to participate in this marvelous story. You cannot believe what an honor it is to help you write the last chapter.

  3. “Understanding is a three edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.”

    ― J. Michael Straczynski

  4. Im on xbox and im wondering how i join this event

    • Head to 46 Eridani and look for CMDR Yuri Nakamura.

      • Excellent, will be there doing what I can to help uncover the truth.

  5. Overwhelming odds.
    Slim chance for success.

    What are we waiting for?
    (The 29th of course).

    Thanks so much for allowing the community to be part of this Drew. As far as i know, this has never been done before and i wish all involved the best of luck, fair winds, foul foes and all that jolly good exciting stuff old fruit. o7.

  6. I cant belive salome is pc exclusive! So all us Xbox players dont matter huh!? Man Drew i bought your book and love salome as a character but now wont even have a chance to protect her… SMH Wow Frontier

    • There can only be one ‘Salomé’ I’m afraid. We had to make a call on this one for the larger player base. XBOX players can join the event and decide the fate of Yuri, who shares an objective with Salomé.

  7. You have created quite a moral dilemma Drew.

  8. How exactly do we defend her? Do we chose a faction like in combat zones? Do we follow them in frame shift? I need to know how to bring truth!

  9. Is there any chance that this novel and “Reclamation” will be translated into german?

      • Yeah and Juhu 🙂
        That would be so great.

  10. I may be a noob, but I can still fight. I will be making my way to 46 Eridani System to server and protect CMDR Salome. I hope this will unlock a new chapter for Elite.

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