About Drew Wagar

Drew Wagar is a science fiction and fantasy author, living in the UK. As well as writing books, he also undertakes commissions for writing, audiobook narration, game text (missions, lore and content) and other creative projects. See his portfolio.



Current Projects

Shadeward Enervation – The third book in Drew’s Shadeward Series is currently being written. You can follow progress here.

Recent Publications

This is the official novel based upon the award winning ZX Spectrum game by Mike Singleton from 1984. A pure fantasy story set in the icebound and magical world of ‘Midnight’. The book is now available in ebook and paperback formats.



Drew released Premonition in 2017. This is the official novel based upon the space epic game Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments and dramatises events in the game between 3302 and 3303. It is the sequel to Reclamation.



Drew released Shadeward : Exoneration  in 2016, the second novel in the ‘Shadeward Saga’. A science fiction story with a fantasy twist, set on the tidally locked world of Esurio in the Lacaille 9352 star-system. It’s now available via Amazon.


Other Published works

Torn, Fusion (Anthology), Elite: Reclamation, Shadeward : Emanation and Synthesis (Anthology)

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